Jacks's First Love

This story follows the life if a 15 year old boy named Jack. and Jack is gay!


I will try to post a new chapter every Firday! so stay and watch the story unfold! By tth way this is my first book and sorry about the spellings I am dyslectic :/


6. Chapter Six: Welcome to The House

"My name is Eleanor, Can you follow me please." Her name was the same as my mothers which lead my mind back to the funnel and i kinda hated her for it. I stood up, grabbed my bag and followed Eleanor down the hospital wards. "Your Dad" she starts, but all i can think is that he's dead. "He is in a coma so i'm here to take care of you." she finished "so your like a nanny McFee" i say trying to make a dark situation lighter. "Yes without the warts and i take care of like loads of kids" she says "Wait what  i though we were going back to my house there not staying in that small house are that?" I question her with concern in my voice. " no, your coming to my house well the foster house" she says setting me straight. I couldn't believe it I'm now basically an Orphan like that boy off Oliver. "I've already been to your house and pack up most of your clothes and stuff there in the boot now" she said, I hadn't noticed that we were now standing in the hospital car park. Before Eleanor could point out her car I could tell which car was hers, all of the cars in the car park were black or white however Ber car was bright sun yellow which stood out like a saw thumb. Across the hood of the car was " Eleanor's Home for Kids!" hand painted in red paint. I say It was a car, it was more like a mini bus. She unlocked the car and I claimed in staring at my feet. "Today has been someday for you sonny, Mike will be making Mac and cheese for dinner would you like that" she said staring at me through the rear view Mirror "Yes thank you" I hated macaroni and cheese.

I don't really hate it, its just no can make it as well as my mum did and no one will ever live up to hers.

The car journey wasn't that long which I was great full for, I have a brief history of car sickness. She said that my school is only a short walk away and some of the kids, I going to like with for the foreseeable future, go to my school. As Eleanor parked outside the orphan house I had a chance to look at the house. it was a old Victorian looking house which clearly had room for loads of kids. It looked like a mansion. "Do you and mike at care if this whole house and kids alone?" I say almost believing she was Nanny McFee "No we have some volunteers and Mikes daughter also lives her and helps. you might know her, her name is Fabiola?" she asks me. I searched my mind "No, I don't know any Fabiolas".

We go Out of the mini bus and she handed me my suitcase and school bag. "come on" she said gently like how you would get a stray dog to come indoors. She opens the door and i walk in side the most delicious smell shot up my nose like a bullet, macaroni and cheese. The smell bring back memory's of when I was 7 and my mum would call for me to set the table and I would run downstairs and just stand beside her as he greater the cheese into her beautiful creation. My memory of my mother was interrupted by a boy.

He wore a maroon blazer and a dark red top underneath it. He had dark and wavy hair which was slightly quiffed up at the front. He had a soft and gentle completion which was so innocent. He wore coal black hipster glasses which made his eye slightly bigger than they should be.

"Hey" he said in his Scottish accent "Hi" I said in my plain boring accent "Awww Jack this is Connor, Connor do you mind showing Jack around he's in James' old room" Eleanor said, I think she is trying to make me make friends well to be perfectly honest I'm shit at that so I could use all the help i could get.

"So Jack... want to go see were you will be napping and stuff?" Connor said with his unbelievable accent I almost forgot to answer "erm yeah OK". He gestures me to follow him so I do, he takes me up some very wide stairs that lead up to the bedrooms. He walks down the hall and stops "This is Alex and Haley's room they couldn't be so more unalike. Alex is the one with the dark purple hair in the Bennie, she a lez. I know right everyone says she brave even though she is all the boys try to hit in her but they have no chance so if I were you I wouldn't bother" he said. " Believe me I wont" OMG how gayer could I have sounded. " and Haley is like a life sized Barbie the one with blond long hair. She is such a girly girl and has slept with most if the boys at her school. she goes to some posh school i can't remember the name. its funny even though her parent left her she still got some money off them lucky bitch" he continues down the hall to the next door.

"This is the Blake twins, Callum and Ryan. They are so similar, they look the same take the same its like one is the reflection of the other" he said "Don't bother trying to tell which ones which" "woah can you" one twin said "get out" the other one finished for the other it was slightly creepy so I looked at Connor and we moved on.

"This is Fabiola's Room she get its all to her self so has no idea how lucky she is" he said. I smile grew across my face "Fabian!" I shout in joy. "Hey Jack what you doing here she say?" she said with a sparkle in her eyes. before I could say anything Connor stepped in "Wait you know each other and why did he call you Fabian" the tension I'm the room grow. "I.... " I said feebly "He's a friend from school now if you don't mind  stay out of my social life Connor, and please get out of my door way I'm trying to reread the The Fault in our Stars before the movie comes out so good bye. see ya Jack" "were gone ok" so we walk to the next door i said trying to sound cleaver and funny "Who's in this room and what's there backround?" "actually..." he said "this us my room, my roomate is liam over there his 9 and he's my brother. my mother couldn't handle us both so she sent us both here" "Thats so sad" I say "I'm only here because my dad tryed to..... is in a comma" I say don't wanting to blab about my dads recent suicide attempt.

"any way and here's you room I'll just leave you to introduce yourself to your new roommate, he's erm... ok I guess. and btw you might want to take down james old posters of One Direction" he said as he pointed me at a door and walked into his own room and closed the door.

I walk up to the door, so I'm going to be living with this boy for the rest of this summer. I just hope he's more than ok. I raise my hand and knock on the door three times and waited. I heard a mumble of a "wait a second", the closing if a laptop and footsteps leading up to the door. I took up to my new roommates face and I was hit with a worldpool of emotions. Fabian wasn't the only familiar face I had seen today.

My new roommate is...

Matthew Brown


So hey please follow to be told when I update this story and please vote it would mean the world to me.

Matthew! you though I want going to mention the Irish encounter but I had a plan and I have a much bigger one please comment what you think might happen to the new orphans we have just met!

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