Jacks's First Love

This story follows the life if a 15 year old boy named Jack. and Jack is gay!


I will try to post a new chapter every Firday! so stay and watch the story unfold! By tth way this is my first book and sorry about the spellings I am dyslectic :/


1. Chapter One: An Irish Encounter

I sit there, in my normal seat, at the middle row of desks in Mr Hunters classroom. My teacher Mr Hunter was going on about energy transfer when my body stiffens at the wispering of my name coming from behind me, "...Jack...". I zoned out Mr Hunters impressive speak about the boring subject this is physics and I tryed to listen to the confiscation behind me. "Now way!" I heard in a high pitched female tone. "Yeah, Jack is full homo. Hannah told me coz she herd it from sapphire the puffs freind". That voice I recognised it was cassandra grey the high school bitch, to but it in its nicest term.

She new everything about everyone. If a little rumer is weaving its way through school she would have stared it or heard first. She not one to trust but still somehow everyone in school still tells her all of the late gossup. So from what I could tell she was talking to her two wantabe bitch. Emily and Jamsine.

"Wait that Jack?" I his hear Jasmine say in a light and airy tone, she's problely high well it would come to me as a serprise if she wasn't. "Well of couse its that Jack, do you know anymore gay looking puffy Jacks?" said cassandra. I could feel all three pairs of eyes locking on to me. I shrink down in to my chair and look at my book covered in drawings of manga and dead flowers.

The lesson had just started and I wanted it to end.

After a few demonstrations of how kinetic energy transfered in to light energy sir sits us down in our seats and moves on the Task slide. Before Mr Hunter could open his tiny, small liped mouth to speak the was a knocking at the door it was Mrs french the schools head mistress.

As Mrs French came into the class room everyone even the "cool" kids stood up. Mrs French noded indicating we could sit down. We smiled like the perfect class we needed to be for her and sat down. As I sat down I was the first one to notice the tall blone boy standing outside in the hall way. Then I think he cought cassandra's eye because she stated to her fellow bitchs "dibs!". "Dibs on who?" Emily said to Cassandra but she did not respond.

Emily was that girl how always follows the popular girl so some of Cassandra's populaty can rub off her and on to her. But Cassandra never even talks to her she's there to carry cassandra's things and to not ask questions. Its like he's sold her soul to the devil of high school so she could be abit popular.

Then, Jasmine said "who?" Cassandra said in responce to jasmine "Thats tall bolne over there". I start to say in my head bitch I saw him first but then I realise why would I fight over a STRAIGHT guy over a girl.

I mean come on he's obviously straight. He had dirty blond hair with brown chocolate roots with showed that he obviously bleaches it. It was slightly quiffed up you could see a little clump of wax was still in his hair.  His tie was done up lossly and his top button was undone and so was the next one. He had a sports bag on his back with on strap hanging off his right shoulder and the other was dangling down the side. His sleves were roles up exposing some indie brackets. There was five or six of them a couple of them were brown and black but one was white. He was very tall and had a nice body.

I find that I have been stareing at him for so long that he has seen me and was smiling back. Mrs French now stands at the front "Now like I said be very nice to our new addition to this school Matthew Brown". As Mrs French said Matthew's name he moved torward into the middle of the classroom beside Mrs French. "Now were should Mr Brown sit?"

Cassandra bluted out loud "he could sit her miss!" Everyone in the class including me turn to her. She loved the attention. Cassandra looked at Emily and Emily looked back with puppy dog eyes. Cassandra looked at her almost to say "if you don't move I will destroy you". Then with tears in her eyes she grabbed her book and her back and ran to the only other spare seat; this was next to Gretchen.

Gretchen Lavenders was one of the girls everyone ran away from because one selfish rude boy said she had nits and that still makes people avode her in the hall ways. That one selfish boy who was trying to fit in was me and obviously I don't fit in at all. and it one of the many thing I did wrong in my life, another flaw in my dysign.

Then Matthew sat down in Emily's old seat and smiled at this point I was the only one looking at cassandra and matthew. I turn to face Mrs French to only see her walk to the door and out the class room, I say walk its more like a small skip like a primary kid would do. And at that simgle ment when the door was comolately coled tche classroom changed from the delightful class that Mrs French thought every class was like to the board and chatty class with was the harsh reality of this school.

A shiver is sent from the top of my spine to the bottom. It took me a second to understand why my body did that, why did it do that? It was becase my ears we blessed with the sweet Irish song that resonated form Matthews mouth. That must be how the angles communicate in heaven.


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