Jacks's First Love

This story follows the life if a 15 year old boy named Jack. and Jack is gay!


I will try to post a new chapter every Firday! so stay and watch the story unfold! By tth way this is my first book and sorry about the spellings I am dyslectic :/


5. Chapter Five: Dust to Dust.

I open the door slowly and with caution nothing could prepare me for what I was about to see. 

I saw my dad, once a man full of happiness and never a care in the world, hanging from the ceiling with blood dripping from his wrist down to the floor where is collected in two a dark red puddle. i screamed and drop to my knees, they counldn't hold me up any more. My hands raise up to my head and i grab my skull and grit my teeth still screaming and crying. I run my nails through my hair with a waterfall of tears falling from my eyes. He's dead and he's never coming back, but worst off all he did this to himself. 

"J..a..ck" i hear my dad try to say i look up his hand was twitching.

I looked around for something it cut him down with. My eyes lock onto a knight covered in blood n his bed. I graped the knife and i could feel the warmth of the handle, he must have held it so tight. I pick up the stool that must have been the thing that i heard being tipped over. With the knife in my hand i hacked and hacked and hacked at the roped whith was embedded in my dad to his death. "Come on" I weep "come on!" The rope was almost about to give way then his body collapses onto the floor in front of me. I run to the phone and del 999.

It is answered by a woman and she says  “which service do you want?” what do I say what do I do, then the word fall out of my mouth “a..am..ambulance” I say in a whisper like the word ambulance was a secret like my secret. “OK putting you through now” she says in a nonchalant way as if she was my friend. I am put though to a different woman with a deeper voice “what is the address of the emergency?” she said with no tone what so ever. I had to think I know my old houses address but not this new one I ran outside to see the number and the street name  “n…number 24…w…walls way “I run back home with the phone still pressed down hard on my check so hard it starts to hurt  “what town?” “Fall gate!” I shout, I don’t know why I shout but I do. “Ok” she brings her voice down “an ambulance is on its way now calm  down” I take I deep long breath in and out “can  you verify the telephone your calling from” “OK.. em.. 0191 697 4345” I say like it’s a question but it, not its fact. “ok what’s the problem” “my dad has...has...tryed to comite suistde.”

 I start to cry and fall to my knees next to my almost dead dad. “are you with the person now, how old is he, is she conscious” “yeah” I say “I’m with him, and he’s 49 and he seem to be unconscious I’m not quite sure” I say as a wall of tears are running down my face. “is he breathing?” she say I hope this is the last question because she sister is like dying on the floor. “Is he breathing?” she says again in a deeper tone. “Yes. Sorry” I hear a siren outside my house and two big men in their twenties come in breaking the door. They ask me questions but I’m too startled to answer I just look at my dad and scoot to the corner of the bed room and curl in a ball. What if he’s dead, what will happened to him i cant plan another funeral, not again.

That day i stay off school to sit outside my dads room were 5 doctors and nurses tried to revive him, all i herd was the thumping of my dad and the word "CLEAR" being shouted from time to time. Every time without fail his body will thump and my body would silver and i would start to cry. i tried to forget the imminent death, my mind wondered to what was happening at school and how many people would even notice that no even there. that my empty seat would just be egronered and people would just forgett that i even existed. Then  my mind wondered to the day that new boy. Matthew, came into Mr Hunter's class. i stared to remember his perfect hair with chocolate brown roots and the blone hair which had nothing wrong about it, not a single hair out of place. And his cheekbones, i bet i would cut me finger on his chin. 


I rember that not only was my dad hanging from the damp ceiling he had cut all the way up to his wrists, it almost looked like words but my eyes were too clouded up to see what they said. It could have been nothing or it could have been his note. That's what they don't they leave a note.

My thought track was disrupted by a tall, dark skinned woman who clearly went to slimming world and stuff like that. she spoke to me like i was her son, which she wasn't at this moment she was a strang fat woman staring at me while i think. "My name is Eleanor, Can you flollow me please." Her name was the same as my mothers which lead my mind back to the funnel and i kinda hated her for it. Obviously it wasn't her fault her name awakes the demons of my past.


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Sorry that i havent posted in a while but i do have a socil life as well. So who is the Eleanor and where is she taking Jack? And Jack is thinking about Matthew do you think he might become a stalker? PLEASE COMMENT, I LOVE IT!

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