Jacks's First Love

This story follows the life if a 15 year old boy named Jack. and Jack is gay!


I will try to post a new chapter every Firday! so stay and watch the story unfold! By tth way this is my first book and sorry about the spellings I am dyslectic :/


7. Changer Seven: A New Formilur Face

Fabian wasn't the only familiar face I had seen today. My new roommate is Matthew Brown. 

I stood there with my mouth wide open and he stood there looking at me as if a fly just made its way in to the cave of my mouth. I shut my and find the courage to speak "H...Hello I'm Jack I'm going to be your new roommate for a bit" I finally say. He looks at me, scanning me to remember were he was seen me before. "wait are you in my physic class, I'm sure I sit behind you." he says you could almost see the light bulb switching on at the top of his head. His Irish accent paralysed my mouth and I couldn't confirm his analogy. I finally unlock the seal his voice had bestowed onto my lips and said "yeah with Mr mole I mean Mr Hunter" he laughed "Yeah he does look like a Mole I'll remember that one mate. come on in it is your room to now" he said extending his arm to give me access to his room, our room.

I Walked in side and it becomes quite clear who's half was who's. On the right was a messy bed with orange covers and walls littered in football posters which all said 'Match Of The Day' in the lower corner, they must be from a magazine or something. In the corner was a acoustic guitar, I never knew Matthew liked music. On the left of the room was a simple made bad with some One Direction posters on the walls. There was a bookshelf separating the two half's and a small bathroom which was to my right which looked surprisingly clean compared to the main room.

"So me and some mates are going to play footy at the park, so make yourself at home." Matthew says with a smile "Okay" I say not clever enough to say anything worth saying. He grabs a football from under his bed which revealed his underwear, I try not to stare. He smiles at me again and leaves.

 I set down on my new bed. I empty my suit case to see what Eleanor has brought for me. My toothbrush, toothpaste, come and jell for my hair and so general clothes I guess this will do. I take my T-shirt of and look for another outfit because my school uniform was making me too hot. I grab a colourful faded top and some jeans. I through them on a chuck my suitcase under my bed.

It was getting boring in my room so I went to find Fabian or Fabiola, why would she lie about her own name?

I made my way  through the dusty old corridor well i saw each individual door and wondered about each individual person and what was happening behind there door. I walked up to Fabian's door and knocked on the dorr three times, she answered quite quickly. "Go away!" she said, I don't thing she realised that it was me. "Er Fabian its me jack..." I said to the mahogany door that separated me and Fabian. "Oh sorry Jack come in" I twist the knob and walk into the dark room.

"Hey" I said making my way into the bed to sit next to her. "so you want to know why I told you I'm call Fabian. well its because I'm transgender" she says before I could get a word out. "so what does that mean"

"its means... well all the websites say when someone is  transgender  its is describes someone who is crossing gender boundaries. At its most broad definition it could be a woman with short hair or a man with long hair because typically in the past men have had shorter and women have had longer, so they are crossing gender boundaries. In a more precise sense a drag queen would be transgender because it is a male wearing and taking on the characteristics of a female, or a drag king is a female taking on the characteristics and persona of a male. Transgender just means you are crossing those artificial lines of what men and women are supposed to be like in society. But I know I'm a boy inside I know I'm Fabian but on the outside I'm the wroung person" she says is so confused.

"I am Fabian"


So hey please follow to be told when I update this story and please vote it would mean the world to me.

so that was hard I need to understand this chapter before I wrote it so sorry for the long wait but here it is. please tell me if you like where this is heading, in theory its heading to Mac and cheese!

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