Letters Read A Niall Horan Love Story

Niall Horan from One Direction has to go to a doctor because of his depression. The doctor gives hima a little exercise to do to help with his depression, so he starts sending letters to a fake adress about how he is feeling. little does he know that, a girl named Kate recieves them. Will they meet? Will they fall in love?


1. Depression

 Niall's POV:

It was a Monday morning when i went to my depression doctor. "Morning Mr. Horan how is your day so far?" My doctor asked. "So far so good," I smiled back at her. " Well that's good. As a matter of fact i have a new exercise that will help with your depression," she said as she wrote something down. "You can write letters to this fake adress, and tell them how you fell and how your day was," she smiled and handed me a paper with an adress on it. "It will help you express your feelings," she added. " I will make sure to do this when i get home," I said and walked out of the doctor's office. At The 1D flat... I walked in to find Louis and his girlfriend Kat watching a movie." How did the doctor's go?" Loui asked as he turned around to face me. I walked into my room and yelled back, "It went great." The i shut the door behind me. I decided to give this letter thing a try, so i started writting.


Dear whoever this is,

        Today has been a great day so far. Im hoping I get to go to Nando's today!Yesterday i was kinda feeling homesick. I miss me mum, me dad, and me brother Greg back in Ireland. I guess that's what happens when you're gone from home a long time. Living with my 4 best friends can sometimes get annoying. They play tricks on me all the time! Like one time the waxed my legs! But they can be nice when they want. Hope my day keeps getting better and better.

                                                    Love, Niall


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