Dreams are Broken

(This is a COMPLETELY true story) Hi, my name is Lindsea Taylor. I HAD the perfect life. Perfect parents, prefect friends, perfect house. Then it all changed. This is my story, my real story.


3. Before it All


"Wake up Lindsea!" my mom whispered to my 9 year-old self. I yawned and sat up. I was surrounded by half light pink half white walls at the edge of the pink were little green flowers and above that pink butterfly's. My mom is amazing at painting homes people ask her how she does it all the time. Light streaming through my window white curtains hanging over it.

I climbed out of bed and went to my HUGE walk in closet. On my toy bins is laid my outfit for the day, my mom picks out the cutest stuff. She got my a nave blue white striped dress, knee high navy blue socks and black Mary Janes. 

I get changed and walk down the two fights of stairs to the kitchen. The smell of french toast and bacon fill me nose. I walk in and sit at the table, my mom sets a plate of food in front of me and I dig in. When I'm done I put my dishes in the sink and head up to my room. I make my bed and head back down stairs.

"Mom can I go to see if Hannah can play?" I yelled from the front room back to the kitchen.

"That's fine love you!" She yelled back.

"Havee House" My one year old sister yelled at me. We still haven't figured out what that means, but she always says it when someone is leaving.

"Bye love you!" I yelled skipping out of the house. I ran down the street two houses down and stopped at Hannah's house. I ran up to her door and, Knock! Knock! Knock! Almost instantly her step mom Brydie opened the door. 

"Hi Brydie, can Hannah play?" I cheerfully asked.

"She is in the back yard with her dad setting up the water slide, why don't you go get your swim suit on?" She smiled.

"Ok, Thanks!" I ran back to my house. Jumping over the lines in the sidewalk.

I swung open the door, "MOM! Hannah... water slide... can I?" I yelled while trying to catch my breath.

"Of course!" She said walking down the stairs. I ran up the stairs gorilla style, it is faster that way.

I fell into my room and locked the door changing into my blue star bikini. I grabbed a towel when I was done and ran back down stairs and out the door yelling. "Bye love you!"

I ran down the sidewalk leaping over the cracks and lines. I saw the giant $10,000 water slide in my best friends back yard. AWESOME!

I ran to her gate and pushed down the lever it opened. 

"LINDS!" she screamed engulfing my in a giant hug. She is five months older than me and just turned ten. She had shoulder length brown hair she always wore up and brown eyes. Exactly the same as me. We loved to pretend we were twins people actually would ask us if we were even if we weren't pretending.

We walked over to her dad who was turning the water on and greeted him with many 'Is it done yet?'s Water cane rushing down the slide he nodded his head and walked inside. Hannah and I bolted to the slide. We threw our selves onto the inflatable ladder and climbed up. 

We went down the slide normal than backwards, on our stomach's and our sides. We ended up sliding on our sides trying to stop our selves before we hit the 'lava' (water).

When we were done we got our towels grabbed a snack and played barbies until we were dry.

I walked home after Hannah changed she came with me. I changed also. We went down stairs and like usual begged my mom for a sleepover.

When we finally got a yes from both parents we jumped around and squealed.

"Go and get Hannah's things girls." my mom instructed.

"OKAY!" we both yelled while running out the door.

We ran to Hannah's house getting her pile of things that consisted of; pajamas, a brush, and a tooth brush. That's all you need when your nine.

When we returned home dinner was ready we sat up and ate Fettuccine Alfredo and beans. It was SO good, I LOVE pasta!

When we were done we watched a movie while my dad set up our beds.

It was finally time for bed, Hannah's brother Rider came over to sleep over with my brother.

We went out side and laid in the piles of blankets on the trampoline. There happened to be a meteor shower that night and we fell asleep to shooting stars.


More as soon as Monday :)

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