The Way He Is


3. The Warden

   I threw my shovel to the side and walked to the Rec room with Caveman. I was talking with him when I heard "Excuse me?" "Oh, look. The Warden's famous 'Excuse me?'." Caveman said. "Well, Squid gave me a fake ruby. It was plastic-." "Excuse me?" "He call-" "Excuse me?" Mom just decided to shut up. "Why didn't you call me down?" "Because he gave-" "Excuse me?" "Because I didn't." "Thank you." The Warden looked around and saw me. "Dallas. Come here." I got up, nervous, not knowing what she would do to me. "Did you see Squid dig up the ruby?" I was thinking my choice of words carefully. "No." "Did he steal it from you?" "Yes." She called for Squid. "Yeah?" "Did you steal the 'ruby' from Dallas?" "We-" "Excuse me?" "She-" "Excuse me?" "Yes." "Thank you." Mr. Sir came butted in the conversation. "What's going on?" I looked at Mr. Sir's face and asked "What happened to your face?" Squid quickly clamped a hand over my mouth. I pushed it off, then Mr. Sir grabbed my collar and got up all in my face and said "Is there something wrong with my face?" "N-no. Not at all!" He let go and pushed me to the ground. Squid looked down at me and said "You learn the hard way." Caveman helped me up and said "What was all that about?" "Mr. Sir is throwing a hissy fit because someone pointed out his face." Mr. Sir's face was swollen and had a little red scab in the middle. "It might be a scorpion sting." "I think so." Then I heard screaming and a crash. The next thing I know is that Squid is stumbling out of the other room over his own two feet. Caveman grabs my arm and pulled me outside. "DALLAS!" I duck my head down and start running. I look back and see the Warden getting her car. I ran out to a hole and hid behind the vaguely small dirt pile . I pressed my back up against  the wall of the hill. I heard footsteps, so I held my breath. She turns around and walks back to her car. I peek around the corner. She's gone. I stand up and walk to Caveman. "What the heck happened?" I ask. "The Warden is kinda ticked off." "Why?" "Because Squid's her son and she doesn't want him to date a city girl." "How does she know that I'm a city girl?" "Your name is the capitol of Texas." "" "Yeah, you didn't know?" "Know what?" "Squid likes you. Not just a like like, a love almost." "Is that why he's a jerk to me?" "I guess." "He was gonna ask you out until the Warden overheard."

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