The Way He Is


2. The First Hole is the Hardest

   I heard a record of a trumpet sound off. Then it started skipping. I woke up and rubbed my eyes. I got up and went to get a shovel. "Shovels to the left, tortillas to the right." I looked over to the tray of tortillas that were soaked in some type of syrup. I passed and got my shovel, but X-Ray came up and took my shovel out of my hand and threw his on the ground at my feet. "What the heck, dude?!" Caveman came up and said "That's his shovel. It's smaller than the rest by like a fraction of an inch." "Why does it matter?" Armpit came up and said "Yo, man. The smaller the shovel, the smaller the hole." I picked up my shovel and went to go find a spot to start my hole. I walked out with Caveman and asked "What are we supposed to be looking for?" "Nothing. It's supposedly to 'build character'. But if you find something then give it to Mr. Sir or Mom. Just not fossils." Right as he said that, my shovel hit something and vibrated back into my body. I bent down and picked it up. "Hey Caveman." He stopped digging and dropped down into my hole. "What is it?" "I don't know." I cleaned off the dirt with my sleeve and looked at the shiny surface. "I think it's a jewel or something." I cleaned off the rest of it and saw that it was a ruby. Squid dropped down in the hole. "Man, let me see that." He looked at it then asked "What is it?" "A ruby, I think." Squid shoved it in his pocket. "Dude! I've been out here all day digging my hole. You're done already." "So?" He pressed up against me, but I pushed him off of me. "Why do you have to be such a jerk? Give it back." "I've been here way longer than you have, why should you get the day off when you got here yesterday?" "Because I chose the right spot." I looked and saw that he had it in his hand. "Don't even think about it, Barbie doll." Once he turned around, I grabbed it out of his hand and jumped out of the hole. He started to climb out too. I saw Mom with the water truck. Then I looked back at the ruby. I looked at it real close and saw a printing label "Made in China". "Squid, you're right. You should get the day off. Here." I  handed him the plastic ruby and dropped down into my hole. "Mom. I found something." He looked at it and said "Are you trying to be funny, or do you think I'm stupid?" "No, I wasn't trying to be funny." "Pardon?" Squid's expression completely changed.

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