The Way He Is


4. Teach Him a Lesson (shorter chapter)

  I've heard about the story when Caveman and Zigzag got in a fight and Zero ran off. And this kida sorta happened to me too, but without anyone running away



   I was digging my hole when the water truck came up and Mom had snacks. "We have...salami and cheese, apples and cinnamon graham  crackers." Zigzag came up to me and said "I heard what's going on between you and Squid." "What are you talking about? There's nothing going on." "Yeah, right." I stood up and said "Even if there was, why would you have a problem with it?" He smiled and shook his head. "Oh, poor poor Dallas. If only you knew. Squid and I are best friends, at least until you showed up. All he ever talks about is you." He shoved me and made me stumble backwards a bit. I pushed him back. "Whoa whoa! What's going on?" "He pushed me and almost into that hole." "Teach him a lesson. Come on Dallas, hit him back." He shoved me again. It made me mad. "Dallas, go on, hit him back." "Yeah hit me back." He shoved me once more before I got mad and socked him in the jaw. He fell over and dust clouds came up. He was holding his jaw and screaming in pain. "Happy? I taught you your lesson." He got up and and rubbed his jaw. It was blue and black. He glared at me then jerked his shovel out of X's hand and angrily started digging again. "I don't know why he's so angry, I did what I was told. I hit him back." "You were supposed to hit him, not dislocate his jaw." "Whatever."

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