Started With Hello...

Hi! My name is AnnaBell I am 17, about to be 18. I am always with my best friend and my boyfriend. They both mean the world to me, but I know a dark secret that they think I don't know.

Cover was made by: Herleen28
She makes amazing covers, but asks that you give her credit, so I am giving her credit now.

Also, I do not own the pictures, they are off google.


2. Chapter Two

I woke up to the sun shinning through my window, I groaned and got up. First I grabbed my computer and checked my email, only two assignments today. Quickly, I finished them then got up. Having online school is actually quite fun, I don't have many classes I need to graduate so I never have much homework. When I looked at my clock it said 9 am meaning I had an hour and a half until I went to work. I walked downstairs and grabbed something for breakfast.


"Not going to school?" I asked AmandaRose. She had spent the night, and I'm guessing she was ditching today.

"Nah. Told my mom I didn't feel good, but I'm just gonna ditch, I have to run some errands."

"Fine, I'm going to get ready for work have fun." 

"You too." 


Amanda made me a little suspicious, she only ditched on days I had work. She didn't ditch much though because if she did, she wouldn't graduate. I really don't know what she has planned but she seems to be very happy lately. Ah, maybe it's nothing, I just worry way to much. I will stop by and say hi to Trey then go to work. I work at a clothing shop and he works at a car place. I went through my closet and found a outfit, a pair of jeans and a multi-colored, semi-dressy shirt, then some flats and headed to my car. First, I stopped by to say hi to Trey. His boss told me where to find him.


Quietly, I walked into the room he was in but I stopped when I heard another voice, a familiar voice. It was Amanda. I looked through the small window and saw something I didn't want to see. My boyfriend and my best friend having sex. I didn't walk in, I just walked away holding back the tears. I went to work and put a smile on my face. At four o'clock when Trey gets off work he came into see me. He hugged me, and noticed something was wrong when I didn't return it. 


"Babe, what's wrong?" He asked me.

I didn't answer.

"Why are you being silent?" He had that fake 'worried' look on his face.

"I'm not stupid," was all I said. 

"What are you talking about?" He was now playing dumb.

I gave him a look, then walked off.


After my shift was over, I got my paycheck and cashed it (the bank we go through stays open a little later so that way we can have money). Once I was done I went home, I had tomorrow off because tomorrow I turn 18.

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