Started With Hello...

Hi! My name is AnnaBell I am 17, about to be 18. I am always with my best friend and my boyfriend. They both mean the world to me, but I know a dark secret that they think I don't know.

Cover was made by: Herleen28
She makes amazing covers, but asks that you give her credit, so I am giving her credit now.

Also, I do not own the pictures, they are off google.


1. Chapter One

Hey, I'm AnnaBell. My birthday is in a few days, I'm going to spend it shopping with my best friend and my boyfriend. I'm not known as very pretty, but I don't care what others say about me. My best friend is beautiful, and I'm always compared to her. I don't take what people say, to heart because if you do, you just give them power. I go to high school online, due to bullying at my pasts schools, and getting in fights. Sad to say but yes, I got kicked out of school. This is me: 


This is my boyfriend Trey, 

He's 19, high school graduate, currently going to college, and has a job. Oh and he's drop dead gorgeous. 


This is my best friend AmandaRose,

Our parents are best friends, that's why both of our names have 2 first names (it was something that our parents thought were different and cute), she's beautiful, very popular, and she graduates high school this year (she goes to the high school I got kicked out of), she is also best friends with my boyfriend (which is suspicious). She's head cheerleader of the cheer squad and yes, she is quite bossy. 


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