Started With Hello...

Hi! My name is AnnaBell I am 17, about to be 18. I am always with my best friend and my boyfriend. They both mean the world to me, but I know a dark secret that they think I don't know.

Cover was made by: Herleen28
She makes amazing covers, but asks that you give her credit, so I am giving her credit now.

Also, I do not own the pictures, they are off google.


4. Chapter Four

~Hey guys, just warning you now, this chapter is going to have a lot of pictures (of the clothing she buys)~


Every store we went into I tried on different outfits, and Daniel seemed to like just about everything I tried on. I bought quite a bit of stuff, but I made sure not to let Daniel pay for anything else. I was having the time of my life, he was so sweet. He helped me carry my bags then he bought me ice cream and a soda. We sat and talked for a while, getting to know each other pretty well. He was an amazing person, the exact opposite of how Trey was, but my heart was set on him still. My phone rang and I answered it.



"Hey I'm coming over in an hour." 

"Okay that's fine."

"I'm bringing AmandaRose with me." 

"Why is she with you?" I was honestly a little angry. 

"Babe she was helping me pick out your present, no worries." 

"Be at my house, in an hour, we need to talk." 

"Fine." Click, this time he hung up on me.


I looked up, and Daniel was looking at me. He could tell I was upset and he hugged me. We decided to go back to my house and finish shopping some other time. Once we were back to my house he helped me put away all of my clothes. This is what I got: 

After everything was put up, Daniel and I just sat on my bed and watched a little t.v. We were just talking when Trey and AmandaRose walked in the door. I looked at Daniel, then at them. I wasn't sure what to do yet, but then I noticed Trey didn't have a present meaning his story was a lie. 


"Hey babe," he tried to hug me.

"Don't touch me," I snapped. 

"What's wrong with you?" He asked me.

"Oh what's wrong with me," I was furious now.

"That's what I said."

"My problem is you. No I take that back it's both of you!" I was yelling a little. 

AmandaRose kind of tensed up, so did Trey.

"Do you think I'm stupid?" I yelled. 

"Calm down, what are you talking about," Trey tried to calm me down but I pushed him into the wall.

"Oh shut up Trey. We are done!" I yelled. "And you," I pointed at AmandaRose, "I want nothing to do with you ever again."

"Why?" She asked, seeming a little sad.

"Now you guys can have your sex session without hurting me, get out." 

"Wait, we never had sex," AmandaRose tried saying.

"I freaking saw you! Now get out." 


Neither one of them said a word, they just left. I fell onto my bed and cried on Daniel's shoulder. 

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