A rich boy named Henry, had an accident thirteen years ago, his memory was then wiped clean so he has no memory of his family, when he found an old photograph, Henry is then set on a mission to find his family.


4. The Breakout

Everything was so peaceful, so relax, everything just so tranquil, until of course something ruins my sleep, again.



“Carol! What was that?! Did you just slap me in the face?! I was actually having a really nice sleep about–”

“Shush! What is wrong with you?! We’re way behind schedule here, Henry!” Carol with a very loud whisper, almost like she’s quietly shouting at me, nagged. Wait, behind schedule? “What time is it?” I asked half awake, quite surprised too, how on earth could I forget about tonight’s plans?.

Carol, lowering her binoculars, answered, “It’s already one-forty-seven in the middle of the night, I tried to wake you up hours ago, you weren’t responding at all, you litterally slept like you’re dead.” “What? How?” I blinked a couple times for a moment not understanding the situation at the moment. “Wait, it’s one-forty??? Then we better get going!” Quickly, I grab my bag and some extra items I’d like to bring.

“Alright, so Henry, since we’re already too late for me to leave sooner, I guess we’d have to run together.” “Wait, I’ve only got one bike, what would you use?”

“It’s okay, I’ve got things covered, now come here, we better get down to the corridors, lights are off right? Your maids are gone?” She asked, ensuring her that the perimeter is safe enough, I walk in front of her. Carol would like to have a little look around my gramma’s room for some clues, so I went to my parent’s study to grab my dad’s flare gun just in case.

“Okay, Carol, we need to get ready, soon, Mary will release Brutus, the second we see Brutus chasing Gladys, we go for our bicycles and just pedal as fast as we can to O’Semonar.” I recapped and we wait in silence, then the cue, Gladys’s super high pitched scream. “Let’s go!”

I ran directly for my bike in the corner and start to pedal, pedal really fast to the gates, and then I realised, where’s Carol? I can’t risk being heard calling her name, so I hide in the bushes waiting for Carol and that’s when I saw her taking out a red (folded bicycle thing) from behind the bushes, I figured she must have asked her brother to bring her bike here and just planned things out.

But as I was observing Carol, I realised that we’re wasting too much time and Brutus is gaining closer, I could see Gladys already through the distance. I have to think fast, so I snuck in to the security posts and turned out the lights outside, in hope of blinding the pursuiters. Unfortunately however, my idiotic companion Carol was also blinded so I have to stay by her side and we both ride our bikes, pedalling faster than ever to the front gates.

“People! There they are!” Our hearts pumping like it was going to explode, adrenalin racing through my veins, a security guard actually saw us and at this point, I’m just hoping they didn’t get a glimpse of our faces. “Carol! Cover your face with something! Anything!” “Why?” “There’s a camera waiting for us in the gates, and sorry to say this, but apparently the gates are beginning to close automatically!” I pointed out to the gates, then I saw the controls, if only I have something to throw, I got a pouch of marbles but I can’t stop pedalling.

“This. Is going to be the most bicycle trick I’ve ever done.” I whispered to myself. I keep hold of one of the handles while with the other, took my jacket off. I tied both arms of the jacket connection the handles to the seat, and as my feet keep pedalling, I bent down, grabbed a rock off the ground and aim to the controls, then I though of better idea, I threw it to the camera. “Woah! That was awesome!” I now realised that Carol was carrying a massive sack, like there was a body there, don’t know what for though, didn’t ask. I didn’t have enough time to put my jacket on, so I tied the arms of the hoodie around my neck and cover my entire head with the hoodie.

The gaps between the gates are too small and getting smaller, so we jumped off from our bikes and slipped through the gap. Carol then slipped her bike to the other side. As I was running, I turned to check up on the guards and one guard was just right behind me. He just sort of, jerked the back wheel and I fell. “Agh you gotta be kidding me.” I was trying to get up but I was freaking out, shut my eyes and when I open them Brutus was already biting his trousers. I then got enough time to grab my bike and catch up with Carol, she was pedalling in so much speed, I have to pedal just as fast. She slipped out, but I was having some minor issues.

One of the guards threw a rock at me, though it hits my back instead of my head, it still hurt. A lot. I bent down a little but my head was a little woozy at the moment and I tripped. My shoelaces were then stuck t the wheels of the gates and my leg was trapped. I wanted to scream out for Carol, but I can’t or it’ll ruin everything. Dear god, I could lose my leg here! I was running out of ideas, then the blonde showed up. “You gotta be kidding me, dude.” She pulled me free and we ran. I was pedalling so fast I didn’t realize a thing until we were passing the park.


“Henry? You okay back there?”

“Yeah, just need to sit down for a moment.” And we hid under the bridge. We sat down there on the dirty terrain open up our bags for a little snack and check what’s hurting. “Henry! You’re bleeding!” Carol screamed out. “Shush! They’ll hear us later!” I wasn’t blaming her though, I just don’t want it to be such a big deal. “Come, sit right here.” Carol helped me carefully sit down and pulled out the first aid kit she’d brought. “Ah, your ankle’s all ruined, but otherwise, you’ll be okay.” Carol told me as she wrap some bandages around my ankle.

“Do you wanna know a fun fact?” This again, I bet she’s thinking, sighed and answered, “Does it really hurt that bad?.” Well I can’t feel a thing basically, so I gave her my goofiest smile. “Sure.” She answered,  when I’m nervous, in agony, scared or because I’m just bored, and sometimes, when it’s awfully quiet and awkward. I can’t help it, I don’t usually do it that much recently though, I just want it to become my habit, “So that when I’m dying later, my last words shall be ‘Do you wanna know a fun fact?’” I told Carol one time and she just rolled her eyes.

“Cheetas are the only species in the cat family that can’t retract it’s claws. Also, did you know that Bill Gates earns about $290 per second? And that rats can last longer without water than camels?” “Really? Interesting.” “You’re doing that tone!” I pointed out. “What tone?” She answered, giving me that look. “There! That tone! You’re even doing the look again!” That very sarcastic tone, she’s doing it again.

Childhood memories, all over again, but I just, can’t remember most of it.

 “Wow Henry, I mean, don’t take this the wrong way, but you’ve changed, a lot.” Well that killed the mood. “What do you mean?” “Like, you used to be this little innocent British kid, now here you are, two months later, all that kind of popular nerds typical teenager stuff style thing. It’s not a bad thing actually, I like it, its a more fun you, but it’s just, surprising, you know.” She told me, something in her eyes I’ve never seen in her before, she looked so happy on the surface, but something’s else is killing her inside. “Yeah I guess things have been pretty crazy for awhile.”

We then decided to sit on the bridge, so we can see the sky a lot better. “Well then what about you? Things have been going around lately?” I asked. “What? Nothing, nothing. I’m,” Paused for a second, stared at the moon and, “fine.” She answered she then looked at me, and her eyes were already watering. “You could tell? I thought I was hiding it pretty well.” She answered. “Yeah sure, we’ve been friends for years and I can’t even understand your emotions, right, that makes total sense of what an ignorant little twit I am.” I answered being all sassy, at least I get her to laugh, that’s good. Right?

“No it’s just, my parents, they were so caught up with their projects.” Carol began.

“What were your parents doing by the way?” I asked her. And there was a pause, she was watching the moon and the stars for a while. Then she turned to me, with really watery eyes.

“They’re dead, Henry.”

“I thought only your dad died? And it was a year ago.” I asked, I really am confused. “No both of them died, I um, I killed them.” 

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