A rich boy named Henry, had an accident thirteen years ago, his memory was then wiped clean so he has no memory of his family, when he found an old photograph, Henry is then set on a mission to find his family.


6. O'Semonar PS

Of course, it was pretty difficult for us to sleep, so we spend most of the time hanging around the park, talking about random stuff, listening to songs. Carol’s got a really interesting taste in music, when usually girls listen to Pop and RnB, we both listen to alternative rock, like Fall out Boy, Green Day, Panic! At the Disco or 30 Seconds to Mars, bands like those. In the end, we fell asleep at around four in the morning so Carol have to set an alarm so that we’ll be able to wake up at five-thirty.

“Hey Carol? You hear that?” I asked, just about fifteen seconds of trying to sleep.

“Yes Henry, I can’t sleep either.”

Neither can I so we sat down under the bridge then I remembered something I want to ask her. “Why’d you bring that massive sack with you? Is there a body?”

She answered no, and she explained to me that it was so that it looks like you were kidnapped and I told her that the guards would instantly assume it was her,  if so, she could be in big trouble. “Nah, I’ll be fine, this mission is about you, remember?”

Then Carol’s got a question for me. “Why’d you aim for the security cameras? Why not the controls?” I explained to her so that the cameras wouldn’t capture our faces and so that when we are already on the other side, the gates will close shut itself and the guards won’t be able to catch us. “Genius.”

We tidied everything up, put some disguises on and hang out in the park. I was wearing a cap, a collared jacket (pulling it up so my hair won’t be seen), blue jeans that are too long for me, a pair of green sneakers and glasses, I also stuffed some clothes underneath mine to create the impression of a fat boy. With those, I look like a little kid shorter than I really am with a case of obesity, Carol was really good with make ups, so somehow she drew freckles around my face too .

Carol’s disguise was amazing. She’s brought a smaller red bag with her in where she fills with all the stuff in her backpack (she have to put some in the sack and hid it in the dumpster), and fold her backpack to be stuffed to her pockets. She was wearing her mum’s super high heels in which she has modified, she was wearing a pair of white shorts and yellow stripy top with white cardigan and dark green scarf, she wore a black shoulder length wig and a huge red hat (she even drew a ‘beauty mark’ on her right cheek, make up totally covers her face). With those, it gives the impression of an older sister of mine, really tall one who have a bad taste in fashion.

“Wow, Carol, you’re like my fictional older sister!” I shouted.

“Okay, while I’m in this disguise, you’ll be calling me Elizabeth.” Carol commanded.

“Then I’ll be Nathan, your younger fat sibling.”

“Oh, and, could you talk less? And in a higher pitched voice?” I nodded and gives her a thumbs up. She held my shoulder and we walked in O’Semonar. When a waitress asked us about our orders, Carol’s voice turned form her usual super fast teenage voice into a softer, slower and rather british version of Christina Aguilera.

“Nathan dear, what would you like to eat?” Uh what? Oh, Nathan, that’s me. I didn’t say anything, I just pointed out to the pancakes and also ordering orange juice.

“Well I would like some of the Semonar Special Morning, please, thank you.”

I was flipping through the pamphlet they gave to us and realized something, luckily, I was already full. “Lizzie, can we go home?.” Wow that sounds weird than I expected, you know, calling her ‘Lizzie’.

“What’s wrong?” Carol asked, and I blinked her ‘SOS’

“I miss teddy.” Actually, we’ve been through this before, alst night, we decided to talk  some kind of code only the two of us knows. Let me translate for you, ‘I found something’.

“What is it?” Carol whipered to me with her normal voice, I then showed her my pamphlet in which I have put markings on. Carol quickly finishes her egg and we walked to the door. Just then, a security guard stopped us. We turned and I saw Mr. Moe standing right infront of us, Mr. Moe is one of my guards, so if he recognizes my face, it’ll be such a catastrophe.

“Yes? Is there anything wrong?” Carol asked, heads up, no shivers, she looked so calm, whereas I was ready to throw up.

“Um, no, sorry ma’am, I’ve mistaken you for someone else.” Mr. Moe answered, his eyes still very suspicious of Carol. He let go of Carol’s shoulder eventually, and we walked out, but just then, someone walked in and knock Carol over, and her wig fell off, everyone saw her long blonde hair.

“Carol! Guys its her!” Shouted Mr. Moe and we ran back to the park. Some reckless driver hit me on the shoulder with the car’s mirror. “Hey! YOU! STOP!”

“FudgeFudgeFudge.” Carol shouted to herself, but she can’t run with high heels.

We saw guards chasing after us, then the bus blocked them. I looked back at Carol but she was already gone. I turned to look for her but she was nowhere to be found.

“Carol! This ain’t funny you know!” Then I heard the guards yelling, so I ran to the park so that I could hide under the bridge. Just then, someone pulled me into the water. I was histerical, then I saw Carol signing me to relax. She pointed to a girl with red hair, I didn’t see her face. The red haired girl then motioned us to swim to an underwater tunnel, we did what she told us to, eventually, we end up on a part of the tunnel where we are able to breathe. After a few coughs and seconds of breathing, we carried on walking.

It was really dark so we keep our hands feeling the walls to be able to walk. I can see nothing but Carol’s golden hair waving in front of me. “Just keep walking.” The red haired girl (I presume) said. It was funny, she has a very baddass kind of voice and tone, like she’s the kind of those adventurous girls.

Oh, and one last thing, O’Semonar PS

Is Pearson MOS


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