A rich boy named Henry, had an accident thirteen years ago, his memory was then wiped clean so he has no memory of his family, when he found an old photograph, Henry is then set on a mission to find his family.


5. Little Blonde Carol

Carol was then turning into the Carol I’ve never known, she never cries. “Well what happened? Carol?” I asked, my arm still on her shoulders to comfort her “You sure you wanna know? I thought you’d be scared that I’m a murder.” She answered looking at me, I can tell she wasn’t joking. “We’re all murderers Carol, one way or another.” Then she smiled, sighed and smiled again at me. “Alright, I’ll tell you.”

“When I was five, my real dad died and just two weeks after, mom remarried the dad you know I have. He was really nice and a really fun dad, took me to places you’d love to see, he’d make every normal day a very special one. A year later, my dad has this idea of camping, and we were all very excited, my sister was having a sleepover with her friends, and my brother has got a chess tournament, so it was only me and my parents.”

“Back then, he would tell me that my birthday isn’t only on September, my birthday is everyday, he said everyday is my special day. So I asked him ‘do I get a present then daddy?’ and he’d say ‘more than you could every imagine, sweetie’ so everyday, he would find me a present, and I didn’t care even if it was just a rock, he’s the best dad in the world.

“Dad took us to this beautiful mountain, the climbing was worth it, we were rewarded with such magnificent views, your eyes wish they never have to blink. At night, I was alone in my own tent drawing things, then I got hungry and went to my parents’s tent, and I saw them, well umm... You know...” She looked at me. “No, no I don’t.” Is my answer, then she gave me a look. “OH! Oh, you mean the, the thing. Wow, your childhood was ruined, girl!” And another look. “Sorry, but just to be sure, is it the um, the thing humans have to do to have a um, well, let’s just carry on.” I told Carol.

“So yeah, basically I was a teen when I was six, and it didn’t stop there. You see, my mom was too embarassed to go to my tent after what just happened. So my dad visited my tent. At first he told me stuff I wish a seven year old didn’t know, and then I lost my virginity when I was seven. He told me, that if I ever tells mom about it, he’ll make my life miserable, and I was just a kid, I was scared, but I didn’t understand anything so I just let him.”

“For years he have been treating me like a prostitute and I didn’t even know. When I do however, realize that he’s been using me, I told my mom. And we were in an amusement park that day, so we went straight home, my parents even forgotten about my other siblings. Dad was driving fast, they didn’t stop arguing and the niext thing you know, the doctor ask you multiple questions about who you are, what you remember.”

I didn’t quite understand there, then she told me she didn’t go to school for a month, she’s been seeing therapists to overcome her fear of men and I still don’t get it. “How did you kill your parents?” I asked, nicely, trying not to give her pressure. “I made them argue, Henry, if they hadn’t even start the argument, they wouldn’t be dead, my mom would still be here to make me feel better.” Then Carol stopped, there was silence for a couple of second.

“I’m here for you, you know I’ll always be there for you.” I was expecting a ‘thanks Henry! You’re the best’ and yet she cried even harder. I figured I don’t understand emotions so I caried on telling her Ill be there for her, she hugged me and I hugged her, see? Am I a good friend or what?

“Yeah, I’m here for you, I’ll treat you better than your dad ever was! Every single minute of your life should be a special one.”

“You idiotic little hedgehog you. You know you can’t always be there for me. What if I’m across the globe?”

“Then I’ll tear this world appart, because you are an amazing girl, I wouldn’t even missed you for the world. I love you, Carol, you know that, you’re the best friend anyone could ever have!” See??? Now I can’t understand why I stil haven’t got myself a girlfriend, maybe that’s too cheesy, I don’t understand women.

We hugged again, since after all, we both have been in quite a lot. “Love you too, bro. See you in the morning.” Carol said and got up. I was wondering wether our friendship is a little bizarre back then, people think it’s weird to hug and show tha kind of affection to your best friend of opposite gender. “Henry, thanks dude, for everything. And Henry.” “Yeah?” “You might want to consider getting a haircut.” Carol said pointing to my hair making a disgusted look. “What?! This is a great hairstyle!” I defended my honor and Carol’s head pooped up, just said, “Hedgehog.”

I’m still confused about something though, “Wait, Carol!” I called out for her. “What?” She answered from below. So I popped my head to see her below and asked. “Why does it bother you now? I figured you’d have got over it now.”

“It’s just, my family’s tearing appart, Henry. And while you lost your gramma, my brother hanged himself because his girlfriend broke up with him, my dad, left my mom one night with all our money and never returned.” Carol said, climbing back up. “Stop right there, just stop for a moment. Your brother hanged himself? Why would he do that? Suicide is not the answer to anything.”

“Well his grades were going down, people are beginning to bully him after he saved a kid from getting torn to pieces and mom and dad can’t really understand him. After he was diagnosed with leukimia, he isolate himself from the world, his grilfriend then broke up with him, then one day, we went inside his bedroom to give him a happy birthday and we saw him hanging from the ceilings.” Carol told me, she managed not to cry though. There was silence for a moment, I just stare at her, realizing that she’s more broken than I am.

She sighed. “I have to grow up really fast in this world, Henry.” Carol’s face is turning red, but her eyes aren’t watering, so I guess that’s good. Right?

“Anyway, let’s eat something, I’m starving. Oh, and, we’re sleeping here tonight right?” Carol asked, looking like a happy little girl she always is, but I can see it in her eyes, a lot she’s not telling.

“Did you know that I used to have a pet bunny?” I told Carol, when we were eating some of her mac and cheese. “Really? I didn’t know that, what happened to it?” Carol asked with her mouth full.

“Yeah well, I only have it for like, 38 minutes, my gardener sort of ate it.”

“How the?” She looked terrified.

“Where he comes from, rabbits are one of their favorite delicacy, I dont blame him though, he didn’t know.” I explained, to be honest, I would love to try a rabbit steak, it might just be delicious.

We chat and laughed all night, it was great to hang out with her like we used to.

Just then I feel like someone is watching us.

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