A rich boy named Henry, had an accident thirteen years ago, his memory was then wiped clean so he has no memory of his family, when he found an old photograph, Henry is then set on a mission to find his family.


8. Hulk(?)

We made a deal with a Vampire. “So? What do you say? You gonna help me out?” In order to find my family, we’ll need a lot of backup with us.

And yet here we are, in the rain, when I finally realized that we are a danger to our own lives. “What were we thinking?” I asked, whereas Carol answered as we crawled in dirty, sticky mud, “We weren’t, we just thought that this’ll be a shortcut to our little journey.” “Yeah, well, this better be.”

We peeped through the window on the left side of the warehouse where we could see Alex’s friend. He’s got messy, dirty blonde hair covering most of his face (also because his head was looking down). He wasn’t wearing much, his white T-shirt was all dirty and ruined, his shirt can be seen right next to him and he was wearing a pair of jeans also ripped and ruined, he was tied up, yes, but they tied his hands and hang it along with the rest of him from the ceilings, all bloody.

“Okay, which one of you is loud and obnoxious?” By the time Alex finished her question, we both were looking at Carol, who then stood up and goes, “Wait for my signal.” Earlier, she tied a rope on the two trees downhill so if someone tripped, we could at least picked the gun up (frankly this made me feel like a mafia myself).

Carol then walked towards the warehouse’s door and opened it, walked inside looking like she’s not afraid of anything, or in my point of view, like she’s the big boss owning the entire warehouse.

We watched as Carol pretends to untie the guy, then one tries to shoot her. “Hey! That is not polite, can’t you see I’m trying to set this guy free here?” The whole gang was confused (there were only five people inside by the way). “Oh wait, you guys are mafias, don’t you just want to shoot me?” She shoots one of them really close to their feet and off she goes, picked up a few papers and documents on her way out which made the guys run after her. Two guys did fell and Alex knocked them out unconcious and we picked their guns up.

 “Hey sugar, you missed dinner. Caught dead hanging out with your friends again, eh?” Alex said and began shooting the remaining men, she didn’t want to shoot any, so she manage to fire the bullets close enough to make the flee, whereas Carol has been waiting for them with a little surprise.

“Hey guys! I finally have a dog!” Carol said entering the room with the five men all tied up. “Well, you've always managed to kill your previous pets, let’s not kill these guys, okay?” I joked.

Alex shot the rope and kneeled down to talk to her friend. “Hey love, you okay? Its me, I’m here.” In which he just response by screaming to her face like an animal. And she then did this hypnosis gesture calming him down thingy. “Allie? That you? I’m. So. Tired.” He said and fell asleep.

* * * *

“ALEX!” The guy screamed out, waking up from his sleep, I do believe he joist up. “Alex? Alex?! Where you at?” He kept shouting. “Coming!” She finally answered, and soon appearing behind the curtains (so are Carol and I by the way). “Terrant! You’re up!” And soon they hugged tightly and he then kissed Alex. “Awkward.” Carol whispered to me as we stood there and watch the happy couple.

“I missed you so much. And thanks a lot guys, for helping me out back at the warehouse.” When we finally get a good look of his face, I realized that he’s got green eyes and very thick, very shaggy dirty blonde hair. “But you were unconscious, how did you know it was us?” “How many times do I have to use my hypnosis ability just for you to remember I have one?” Alex joked and we sort of laughed.

“You know, its really cool that you get that sort of telepathy powers, you’re like the Vampire version of Professor X, you could mess with people’s brains and stuff.” Carol commented, admiring Alex’s powers really.

“Yeah, I guess its pretty cool, but you should really see Terry’s superhuman powers.” I could see Carol’s eyes already gleaming with amazement. “Like Hulk, aren't ya?” Alex continued.

“Not proud of it Andrea, not proud of it.” Terrant answered, Carol didn’t care I guess, because she then just asked him what kind of powers he possesses. “It really isn't a superpower, just a little, mental problems. So no story here kids, they just never end nicely and I don’t live happily ever after.” Terrant said, looking out the window. “You too? Hulk right? How many are there?” I asked. “What?” Alex asked confused.

“Kid, you’re good, luckily, only three.” He answered. “Wait, you’re bipolar? I thought you really are just, indestructible.” Alex commented, arms crossed but still smiling.

“Terrant, why were you all tied up in the warehouse?” Carol asked at one point of the conversation. “I was lost because I just got into a fight with some random guy on the streets and walked in while they were filling crates with heroin. They began shooting at me, I ducked and just go crazy on them, they beat the hell out of me and tied me up, just keep hitting me till I passed out.” Explained the Hulk.

 “You kids wanna know something?” Terrant asked us. “Allie and I have been living together for so long in secrets, we forgot our own names.” He continued as he stuffed his mouth with cheese burger.

“Then why tell us that your name is Terrant? And Alex?” I asked and Alex answered, “I never told you his name, I told you mine though, but not his, you just heard me calling him Terrant, so your brain assume that his name is Terrant.” Alex responded. “Oh and I almost forgot.” She stood up to grab something from her bag outside. “Here you go, kid, a deal is a deal. And now, we’re under your control, we are to serve you until you find your family.” She tossed the envelope to me. It was addressed to the name Anatole, Rickborne, Addison and Pearson. Slowly, I began open the envelope. “Yeah, I never checked what’s inside.” Alex said watching, and wondering just what clues are hidden inside.

I peeped through the opening and see things that get me super excited, so I closed it and asked Alex, “Where’d you get this?”

“Those men in the warehouse left it in our doorstep, when you told us your name was Henry Pearson, and her’s Caroline Anatole, I figured this might be important for your investigation in finding your family, but those other two names, I don't know.”

“How did you know we’re looking for my family?” I asked, seeing that this was all too easy. “I may, or may not, overheard your little conversation.” Was her answer.

“What’s inside?” Carol asked, I didn’t answer.

It was the photograph, the same one I received, but wait, there’s more, it’s got an address in the back.

Next stop, Dropouts Apartment.

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