A rich boy named Henry, had an accident thirteen years ago, his memory was then wiped clean so he has no memory of his family, when he found an old photograph, Henry is then set on a mission to find his family.


7. A Deal With the Vampire

Finally, after a long walk in a dark tunnel completely blind, we arrive in the other side, seeing the beautiful sun once again...

“AAAARRGGGHHHH!!!” Well when I say beautiful, I really mean, burns.

“My eyes sting like hell!” Carol screamed, we both were, and it really do sting, I guess it’s because we’ve spent too much time underground.

“Hey, what time is it?” I asked checking my soaked, broken, watch.

“Yeah, and where are we? What is this place?” Carol asked looking around.

Our red haired girl then answered, “Eleven, Alex’s hangout, wll, we’re heading to that nice old place and will be arriving shortly.”

I was shocked. “What?! We walked how long now? But how?”

“Yeah and who’s Alex by the way?” Carol asked not surprised whatsoever.

Turning around, “Hypnosis, I am.” She answered looking at us now, with a great big smile. She was very interesting, she has pale white skin and long shiny red hair. She was wearing enormous sunglasses, black jacket, red shirt, long skinny jeans, red gloves, pair of heeled black leather boots and apparently she is now wearing Carol’s big red hat and scarf. Judging by her physical appearences, she looks like someone who has really sensitive skin.

Eventually we arrived to this, I don’t even know what this is, it just looks like that kind of house little kids would make, it was surprisingly bigger on the inside, and also a lot more interesting in the inside than it is on the outside.

Alex then took her jacket, Carol’s hat and scarf, gloves and when she took her sunglasses off, she gives me the impression of a Vampire. She has red-blood colored eyes. Well at least she doesn’t have two extremely terrifying fangs Vampires use to suck out all the blood and soul of their victims right? Wait, right?

She then told us to sit on one of the bean bags she has in her hangout, she too sat on a red beanbag. And we finally get to talk face to face.

“So, why don’t you two tell me your names?” Oops, there it is, fangs. Carol and I have our jaws fell open, we weren’t saying anything, well when I say we...

“Whoa! Are those realy fangs? Are you a Vampire?” Carol you crazy little nitwit you.

Alex hissed. “Yess... I am a Vampire...” She responded messing with Carol and the little blonde just laughed.

After changing our clothes and having a few chats, I wasn’t even afraid of her anymore, she’s actually very fun, and she has this distinctive sense of allure, we were already friends in no time.

“So, here’s the thing fellas, I need your help.” Alex began.

“Why us? You barely knew us when you pulled us to the tunnel.” I asked.

“I see that you guys like adventure, that’s something.” She answered, taking a sip of her hot chocolate. “This is going to entertain you two lovebirds, I can assure you.”

“Wait, what? Lovebirds? Naw dude naw.” Carol answered.

“Denial is the key.” Alex answered giving us a wink. “Trust me, I see a little something in your eyes, both of you, when you look at each other. Not even Romeo sees Juliet that way. Believe me, they don’t call me ‘the cupid’ for no reason.” Carol and I looked at each other and gave our most hidieous faces and we all laughed, Alex’s really cool for a sixteen-year-old (turning seventeen this July).

“So, explain to us, how shall we help you, madam?” I asked having a mouthful of nachos inside, swallowing some little by little.

“You see, I need you to, save a guy, a friend of mine.” And bam! Carol and I break into a choir of ‘aaaaawwwwww.....’ PAYBACK. “No! Its not like that! I swear! He really is just a bfriend of mine.” Alex tried to defend her pride.

She explained to us that he was kept captive in a warehouse in Dead Skull Drop (that’s what Alex and most gangsta in town calls it), and we were to break him out of there. “Why was he kept captive in that warehouse anyway?” I asked once. “He has some, issues.”

“We are to break into a warehouse in the middle of nowhere to save someone we do not even know from being thrown down from Dead Skull Drop, our life might be as devastating as the kid you want us to save here if we help you out. Now, what is it in for us?” Carol asked, challenged actually.

Silence for a moment as we waited for Alex to pull something out of her bag, Carol was standing and I was still on the ever so comfortable beanbag chair wondering what our Vampire have for us.

“What’s that?” I asked Alex once she managed to find what she was looking for, from where I’m seeing it, it looks like a package, technically it is an envelope.

“Its an envelope, silly.” She answered.

“Yeah I know its a package, I can see that. But like, what’s inside the envelope?”

“Oh nothing, just some random stuff. You know, clues to find something we all have to count on.” Alex answered, petting the package like a little cat and giving us both a little smirk. “Clues, Henry, my dear. Clues to find you, your family.”

What? She knows my family? “No, but I know who does.” She responded to, my thoughts? “How the?”

“Yeah, I told you, hypnosis, you just said that out loud, dear.” She laughed and Carol nodded, also laughing.

“So here’s the deal, you help me bust my pal, and you get this envelope as for the grand prize, me and my little prisoner pal would help you out finding your parents.”

“How do you know the person who knows Henry’s parents?” Carol asked, getting rather suspicious I presume, I too smell trickery in this whole thing eventually.

“Yeah, and how do you know you know the person who knows or think he knows my parents? How does he know that he knows my parents?” Wow, now even I’m confused with what I just said.

“Dude, do you think I’m alone in this hangout? No! I know people.” Alex answered then waited for our response. “What do you say? You gonna help me out?”

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