Dark and Dawn

Lily has never had any control over her own life.
Now, her father has promised her to another man, but she is in love with a vampire who will risk everything to keep her safe.
However, their love is dangerous, and it plunges her life into darkness.
Will Lily ever be free?
Can she really trust anyone, let alone herself?


5. Darkness

Things had gone back to the way they were, before Lily had met Dimitri. She was a prisoner again. This time, however, there were double the amount of guards, not to mention the man who’d taken her from the woods. They called him Xavius. She never saw anything beyond the bedroom door, yet she could hear his heavy footsteps approach every now and then. Whenever a maid came in to give her food or fill her bath with hot water, he was there.

Three days had passed since she found herself in Lord Chadwick’s mansion. Preparations were already being made for their wedding. She had to make her escape before then.

It seemed an impossible task. From the bay window, she could see almost everything in the garden below her. Guards were stationed everywhere. If she was to make her escape, she would have to do it in the cover of night. However, there was no way she could jump from the window without severely hurting herself. She needed to find a way of getting through the mansion.

She turned around from the window to face the door. It rattled noisily. Who could it be this time?

Her heart sank into her chest when she saw that yellow hair. Lord Chadwick.

“Lily, you’re much more well behaved than your father gave you credit for,” he said as he walked in.

Xavius was right behind him.

“I hate to keep my little bird locked up like this.”

Lily stared at him with so much revulsion, she felt sick. He pouted very deliberately.

“It is for your protection, remember? We can’t have more monsters taking you away in the night, after all.”

“You, Lord Chadwick, are the true monster for keeping me prisoner like this.”

She spoke very calmly, though her words seethed with hatred. Turning back towards the window, she exhaled to release the tension in her body. She couldn’t even bear to look at him. He was too much like her late father. He was too possessive. It was utterly disturbing.

Slowly, William ran his hand down her shoulder. It made her shiver.

“Your mind still seems to be influenced by the vampire,” he spoke very gently and continued, “Perhaps we need to go to extreme measures to break his spell.”

Lily sighed.

“I am not under some kind of spell. I love hi-“

Suddenly, her words were interrupted by his shout.

“I will hear no more of it!”

Her heart began beating so fast; it felt like a drum in her ears.

“Xavius!” he barked.

Lily looked up the same time Xavius did.

"Yes, My Lord?”

“Go and kill the vampire who has mesmerised Lily. Bring me his head.”


A heart wrenching scream broke through Lily as she spun around and ran towards the door. She’d barely taken a few steps when Xavius caught her around the waist and held her restrained.

“You can’t do this!” she cried out.

“You give me no choice, little bird.”

William walked over to her and let his gaze bore into hers.

“Vampires are not to be meddled with, but I cannot let his hold on you poison our love.”

“Love…” Lily groaned as she struggled to free herself, “I could never love anyone like you!”

He just continued staring at her. It was as if she hadn’t even said a word.

“Try to be a good girl from now on, Lily.”

He let his hand run down her cheek. Appalled, she shook her head, but he continued to ignore her.

“If you behave, I will let you go outside.”

Lily stiffened. Perhaps, that would be her chance of escape. It wouldn’t be easy, but if there was to be any hope of saving Dimitri, she had to find him before Xavius did. She let her arms fall to her sides as she bowed her head in submission. Xavius slowly released his hold on her.

“There’s a good girl.”

William applauded her as if she was some kind of pet. It was revolting, yet she held her composure.

“Tonight,” he continued, “You will dine with me.”

Tonight she would make her escape.

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