Dark and Dawn

Isabel never seems to be in control of her own life. She has been promised to another man, but she is in love with a vampire. A creature of the night. Their love is dangerous, and it plunges her life into darkness and confusion. Will Isabel ever be free and can she really trust anyone, let alone herself?


4. Awakening

Isabel slept a long dreamless sleep. It had held her like a thick dark blanket, covering every inch of her body. There was nothing but darkness.

Slowly, however, she began to regain consciousness. She’d had no impressions of time or space, so her mind was still in the deep dark forest. When she opened her eyes she expected to see trees and greenery, but instead found that she was lying in a huge bed in the middle of a grandiose room which reminded her of her father’s.

She sat up with a start. Her clothes had been changed, and there was a sweet scent of perfume about her. The room was deserted but for a few pieces of bedroom furniture. The sun shone through a large bay window, but she wasn’t sure what time of day it could be. She was completely disoriented. Slowly, she crawled to the edge of the bed and let her feet touch the cold mahogany floor.

Then, she remembered what had happened.

“Garret…”, she trailed off.

Suddenly, there came a click from the bedroom door and it was opened by a blonde haired man. His countenance was beautiful in its way, and somewhat feminine with its soft outlines. His hair was long so it was tied together at his neck with a bow. Although she didn’t recognise him, she felt as if she had seen him before. It was such a strange sense of familiarity.

“Ah, you’ve awoken, my dearest Isabel,” he chortled at her with a wide smile.

Isabel stared at him, wide-eyed.

“Who are you?”

The man stepped closer to her and smiled even more broadly.

“I am your fiancée, William Chadwick,”

“M-my fiancée?”

“Yes, I am sorry I haven’t had the chance to introduce myself before.”

Isabel shook her head. It didn’t make any sense. She knew that her father had promised her to another man, but to let her stay with him would be completely out of the question.

“How could my father allow you to keep me here?”

There was a long pause as William’s eyes widened and he took a deep breath.

“The vampire that took you-”, he hesitated, “He killed your father, Isabel.”

Suddenly, she felt a deep sinking feeling in her chest.

“No…”, she whimpered, “It can’t be true. I- I spoke with him the night when-”

And then, it hit her. That missing piece of memory. The memory which had left nothing but an empty void.

Without realising it, William had sat down beside her. She was crying now, the shock and the horror shaking her every limb.

“It’s okay, shh”, he hushed as he put an arm over her shoulder, “You are safe now”.

Isabel withdrew herself from his arm. Garret was her saviour, not like the captor that her father had been. William was making him out to be some kind of monster.

“You must let me go,” her voice trembled with determination, “I need to see him.”

“The vampire?”, William blurted out with a disgusted sound.

“His name is Garret”.

The thought of seeing Garret again frightened her to the core, but there was no other way. She needed answers.

“Isabel,” William took her hand in his and looked her in the eyes, “You don’t know what you are saying.”

“I love him- “, Isabel began.

“No,” He interrupted her.

“The vampire must have mesmerised you. He took you for his own selfish desires.”

Isabel blinked, taking a deep breath.

“Garret is a better man than my father would ever be.”

William sighed.

“It’s just a trick, dear Isabel”, he spoke condescendingly as his hand tightened around hers.

“We do not know much about vampires, but what we do know is that they take beautiful girls like yourself away to a place where they will never see the light of sun ever again”.

“What do you mean?”, Isabel whispered as she tried to pull her hand away from his.

“Once he has you in his trap, he will partake of your neck till the end of your days.”

“He would never!”, She gasped.

William heaved another deep sigh.

“He’s using you, Isabel. He’s using you for your blood and your beauty. Your mind is subjugated by him”.

“You don’t know him”.

“I will not allow him to ensnare you again, my dear”.

Isabel stared at him in shock. He was deluded.

“And somehow,” he continued, “I will find a way to break you from his spell”.

With sudden vigour, Isabel stood up from the bed and ripped her hand away from his.

“You can’t keep me here against my will!”

She started towards the door, but a tall figure blocked her entrance. It was the man from the forest. The man who had taken her.

“Let me pass,” she hissed.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that, my Lady”.

William walked up behind her and whispered gently in her ear,

“You are mine now, little bird”.

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