the truth comes out

bella or should i say bellatrix has been hiding who she is but when duties call she must answer.


1. expinations

“Jake, Nessie can I talk to you?” I asked hoping to explain myself to the two.

“What’s wrong Bellsie? Did you and Edward have another fight?”  Jake asked. I sighed

“No but I think that I owe you guys and explanation.”

“About what mamma?” I smiled tiredly at my daughter.

“I have to go back home and I wanted to take you guys with me.  And well you two would need an explanation.”

“Why and what do you mean I thought that forks was your home?” I sighed.

“Let me tell you a little more about myself.  Firstly have you seen the picture in Carlisle’s office?  Alright did you ever notice the girl standing in the background she was about 8?  That little girl was me.  My name is Bellatrix volturi and I am the same as you Nessie I am half vampire and half human.  My father is Aro and my mother was one of the women that Aro had met before he was turned but loved him all the same.  I have the power of change any power I come across I gain and the only reason I was here was to keep an eye on the Cullen’s Nessie your father isn’t really Edward it is Dimitri.  And I only married him due to his insistence that I was his mate and to keep the Cullen’s unawares of who I really was.”

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