A Christmas Morning Surprise

Jane after a while tells her husband Luke she is pregnant.
(Not 100% accurat)


1. Luke's Surprise

It was Christmas morning. Luke woke up and looked over at Jane, his wife of seven months. He smiled down at her sleeping body and kissed her lovingly on the cheek. Then he sighed and got out of bed. He didn’t want to wake his wife. She had been so tired lately, so not like herself, and he wanted her to rest a little more.
 Luke lived on a Farm. He had to wake up early to feed and milk the cows and feed the chickens. As well as feed the horses and pigs. He smiled at his wife as he dressed then he silently went downstairs and outside into the cold. He shivered and walked over to the barn, pulling his coat closer around him and rubbing his gloved hands together.
Jane turned over in bed and noticed that Luke was no longer there beside her. She sighed and sat up in the warm comfortable bed, that she shared with Luke.
“I’m a terrible wife if I can’t even get up and prepare a warm breakfast for my husband in the morning. Oh dear, he must be hunguary. I really must get up. Oh but I feel so tired and lazy.” Jane said aloud to herself.
 She sighed and got out of bed. She didn’t bother to get dressed. She put on her long warm pink dressing gown, that her younger sister had given to her for a wedding gift, and her slippers. She looked into her mirror. She looked pale and there were bags under her eyes. She sighed again and rubbed her flat stomach.
“Oh dear, I really must stop sighing. Luke will begin to worry about me all over again.” Jane said to herself.
 Jane suddenly started to feel whoozy and faint and she grabbed the chest of draws to stop herself falling. She sat down and sighed again. She poured herself a cup of water from the jug on top of the chest of draws,  that Luke brought up every evening, and slowly drank it.
She wondered how her husband would react when she told him her news that she had kept secret for the last month or so. She sighed again and went downstairs to start the breakfast.
Jane put the water on to boil to make a cup of tea for Luke and her. Luke preferred Coffee in the mornings but Coffee would be sure to start the nausea and maybe even cause her to be sick. She sighed again. Then she groaned when she realized she had just sighed again.
Today was the day that Luke was going to discover her amazing news. She sighed again and started to fry some eggs and bacon. Then she started to cut up the bread that she had made the day before. After everything was ready she layed the kitchen table and poured herself a cup of hot tea, and sat down.
Luke entered the back door and stomped the snow off his brown winter boots. He sighed as he took of his coat and hat and hung them up.
Luke went into the kitchen and smiled at his wife. Jane smiled back and served up the food for Luke and herself.
After she had served the food she went over to the sink to get the jug of milk, that she had forgotten to bring over to the table before. Suddenly Jane felt dizzy. She felt hot all over then she saw black and she fell to the floor. Luke ran over to her and sat by her side on the floor. Jane felt hot and her face was pale and Luke noticed the bags that were under her eyes. He began to feel worried. He knew she had not been feeling herself lately and he should have done something about it.
“Jane? Please wake up! Jane?” Luke worriedly said to his wife. He carried her over to the sofa and laid her down. After a minute or two Jane opened up her eyes and looked up into her husband’s face.
“Jane. I’m going to call the doctor I’ll be right back.” Luke said, getting up off the chair next to the sofa where he had laid his wife. Jane tried to sit up but fell back again.
“No Luke. It’s ok. Just help me up, please.” Jane answered to her worried husband.
“No, you need to stay there while I go call the doctor. You aren’t well, I’m sure of that and you need to go see the doctor.” Luke insisted.
Jane shook her head. “Luke, please help me up. Please, darling.”
Luke didn’t look too impressed but he helped Jane up all the same. Jane stood up slowly and went over to the Christmas tree. She bent down and picked up a white envelope. Then she went back over to the sofa and handed the envelope to Luke. “Merry Christmas, darling.” Jane said, handing Luke the envelope.
Luke started to fuss. He could tell that Jane wasn’t very well. She had just fainted and she had been really tired lately and on top of that she often hurried off to the bathroom and when she came back she looked pale but she always said she was fine. He shook his head. “You are ill darling. You need to see the doctor. I know it’s Christmas but we can do presents later.” Luke insisted.
Jane smiled at her husband. “I’m fine. Please open it. I feel perfectly fine. Open it , darling.” Jane pleaded. And finally Luke gave up. He smiled at his wife and then slowly opened the envelope. Inside the envelope was a piece of paper. Luke read it. Then he read it again. Then again. Then he looked up, looking dazed.
“Do you like your Christmas gift, my darling?” asked Jane, smiling at her surprised husband.
Luke smiled at Jane and looked into her happy face. He couldn’t think of anything to say. He was going to be a father! The baby was going to be born sometime around May. Luke kissed Jane lovingly on the cheek and they sat there on the sofa together hugging and kissing and smiling at each other.
“Oh Jane. This is the best Christmas Gift ever. It’s such a lovely surprise. A lovely Christmas surprise” smiled Luke.
They sat down next to each other drinking tea and eating homemade cookies. The snow was falling down outside but inside the young couple were cozy and warm.

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