It's In His DNA

Cher is a troubled teenager who falls in love with the bad boy at her school Harry Edward Styles. But does dating Harry turn Cher into a bad girl???
Or is Cher considered Harry Sex girl.......?


1. Keep Away From Him He's Dangerous

Cher is a 20 year old who works at a beauty salon and does people Hair and make up for a living, Cher is a very beautiful girl who has blonde-ish, brown-ish hair she loves make up! She gets up very early just to make herself look beautiful! She lives far away from her 2 best friends Lucy lives in Mullingar with a boyfriend Niall Horan and Annabel has gone to live with Liam Payne her husband she feels alone but when she goes to work she feels better Cher lives with some students that go to Sheffield University she doesn't get on with them they don't even speak English! She finds it hard and she can't get on Facebook a lot of the time because the students George and Hannah are always using her computer she gets really annoyed with them she just wants to fall in love with someone who is just right for her and will always be there for her no matter what! When Cher got to work that morning she felt happy because she read her horse scope and it said that she might find Mr Right today she put on her best make-up today. She was working Hard and then a Tall man with brown curly Hair and tattoos all down his arms and piercings came in to her beauty salon he came in with a girl she recognised this girl. The girl was Annabel one of her best friends who she hadn't seen in a while.

"Hey! You! Yeah you! Do my Friends make up or you won't know what comes next". The voice said deep and husky she did as this man said because she felt scared.

"Yes, I will sir". Cher said quivering inside but not showing it.

"Good". The man said.

"Don't worry Cher he's not as bad as he sounds and I've known him ever since I've been married to Liam Payne". Annabel said
"I know. I just got scared because he has a dark loud husky voice". Cher said

Cher finished Annabel's make up. Annabel was very pleased "Wow, Cher 3 years studying Beauty did well for you because I look stunning". Annabel said

"Annabel wait outside". The Tall curly haired man said.

"Y--Y--Yes sir I will". Annabel said

"Look you did a good job for my friend and may I say you look good when your working". He said.

"Thanks I think". Cher said shyly

"Meet me at Crooks after you've finished work babe and I'm Harry Cher". Harry said

"O--O--Okay see ya later". Cher said

Harry left leaving Cher worried about what was gonna happen tonight Harry was a tough a man and she'd never met anyone like him before she was a good girl she didn't know what was gonna happen. She kept asking herself questions in her head like "Did I just meet my Mr right who's scary". "Why does he wanna meet me later". Her phone started vibrating she looked at it, it was from an unknown number the text read 'Wear something Beautiful and Sexy tonight babe looking forward to spending time with you and getting to know you' Love H xxx

Cher's Heart started to beat faster and faster she didn't know what to do she felt butterflies in her stomach a knot in her stomach grew tighter and tighter what is gonna happen tonight she kept thinking she was scared she wanted to cry but she didn't. She wanted to reply but thought it might lead for things to get bad after all this man was bad boy she was scared of him she wanted to get to know him better but she thought he will always be a bad boy what happens if this boy gets me pregnant it means I am ruined for the rest of my life with a baby who's gonna be exactly like it's dad the bad boy harry and Cher didn't want that to happen. what will she do. she decided that she will go and meet him and see what happens later on tonight she'll do what she can to protect herself if things get bad with this bad boy that she met today in the salon.

To be Continued...........

Do you want more? If you comment below thanks guys this story is dedicated to my Best Friend Cher hope you enjoyed it Cher.

This is also dedicated to my Good Friend Annabel. Hope you liked it girls thanks xx love you both xx

Comment below if you want to know what happens next and give me some ideas thanks xx

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