It's In His DNA

Cher is a troubled teenager who falls in love with the bad boy at her school Harry Edward Styles. But does dating Harry turn Cher into a bad girl???
Or is Cher considered Harry Sex girl.......?


2. He Kidnapped me.

I was walking home from work and I heard footsteps and I was scared but I didn't think anything of it. Then a guy. I believe it was the guy with the girl earlier and I heard him say my name I just kept walking and walking and walking before he came so close I had to stop I felt his breath on my neck. He puts a red peice of paper over my mouth and then I blacked out and then Harry picked me up and put me in the Car. A few hours later I woke up and I didn't know where I was I asked "Where am I??"

Harry answered "We are at my house." He said whilst smiling.

"What Why?" I said confused.

"cause I need you Cher." He said.

"Well I don't need you. I am happy the way I am." I said. I felt like swearing at him

"Come on babe. My sister told me that I needed a girlfriend and you are 20 so I need you." Harry said

"Ugh Harry I am not fucking go out with you. You are fucking annoying. Sorry for the language but you are getting on my bloody nerves." I said cursing him.

"Oi. Im the only one whos aloud to use bad language in this relation ship." Harry said.

"We are not in a fucking relationship we are not even going out." I said

(Comment for next chapter It will get intense)

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