It's In His DNA

Cher is a troubled teenager who falls in love with the bad boy at her school Harry Edward Styles. But does dating Harry turn Cher into a bad girl???
Or is Cher considered Harry Sex girl.......?


3. Cher wants a new Tatto

I was walking home from work after a long tiering day.

"Hey Bitch"! someone called out. I knew it was a man.

I carried on walking "Yo bitch i'm talking to you". the man said agian.

"WHAT!" I Shouted in his face. I looked at his face i recongnised it. It was Harry the scary guy.

"I love you cher. can you love me for the rest of my present bad boy life". Harry said.

"Yes." I said because i was scared of him. I had to get fond of him.

"I love you come here babe". He said.

we kissed passiontley I was in love and I turned into a bad girl.

"Harry?" I said

"Yes babe". He asked

"I know i'm young but can you get me my first Tatto". I asked

"Yes. We go tomorrow i knew you'd come around." He said smiling happily.

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