It's In His DNA

Cher is a troubled teenager who falls in love with the bad boy at her school Harry Edward Styles. But does dating Harry turn Cher into a bad girl???
Or is Cher considered Harry Sex girl.......?


4. Cher gets a tatto!!!!

"You ready"? Harry asked

"I'm ready lets go get my first tatto". I replied back to him

"Ok." He said smiling

Then we walked into the tatto shop i sat down on the chair and the man said "Hello and what tatto would you like".

"I love harry with a skull and cross bones". I replied.

"Ok. We'll do that now with this ink pen now". The man in the tatto shop said.

The man started creating the tatto that I wanted on my arm my heart was beating and fast. Why? I was wondering inside my head. The man had now finished my tatto it was awesome I loved it so very much. But I wonder what my best friend would say maybe she'd like it maybe she wouldn't if not then oh well it's there on my arm forever now and that I can't get rid of it and no one can make me get rid of the tatto that says harry styles with a skull and cross bones because I love Harry and that's who I am!!!

"I love it. Thank you so very much dude. I will never remove this tatto. I love you Harry Styles". I said.

"I love you too Cher Styles ahaha". harry said back to me laughing and smiling with me. I am glad I met him. But would it mean quittibng my beauty shop???

"What shall we do now Harry?" I asked him?

"Shall we go back to mine for a bit". He said moving his eyebrows up and down at me.

"Yeah of course and....Oh. Yeah let's go". I said when I finally realised what he meant when he was moving his eyebrows up and down at me I loved the idea but I didn't know where my head was at with this man. I mean he doesn't live with his sister or any of his family.

What will happen next to Cher find out in the next Chapter!!! What do you think of this Chapter??

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