Find Your Words

Zalia. . . The girl who never spoke. Never been a part of society, was home schooled and is now enrolled at university.
What can Harry do to change that? Does Zalia even want to know the boy?


6. They know. . .

I woke up in my own bed. Harry was asleep on top of his own, his shoes still on. Was all that a dream? I grabbed my phone from the bedside table and panicked. It had happened. Either that or I had slept through an entire day. It was seven in the morning and I had classes today. I don't want to go. Why did I think college was a good idea?


Should I try and sleep away the day? Should I actually go? Maybe I could go to the office and explain what happened, get a week off or so? I don't really want to talk to them about it. That reminds me though, I haven't thanked Harry for saving me.


Harry's features were scrunched up as though he was in pain or something. He looked kind of sad but I could also tell that he was not ready to be woken up so I decided to go for a shower.  I felt dirty and not simply because I hadn't showered in over 24 hours.


Yesterday's events left me feeling disgusting and I just wanted to sit in the shower or bath for the entire day. I took the hottest shower I could handle and I stayed in there till way after my fingers had pruned up. I still felt dirty but I had to get out. I wrapped my towel around my body, mentally cussing at myself for not having brought clothes into the bathroom to get dressed into. I made sure the towel was secure before I unlocked the bathroom door and peaked out. Harry was sitting up on his bed.


"How are you feeling?" I shrugged. "Didn't take any clothes in?" I shook my head. "Want me to look away so you can grab some?" I nodded.


Harry turned to face the wall and I quickly ran out and grabbed my Spongebob pyjama pants and I long sleeved shirt. I then darted back into the bathroom. I got dressed quickly then walked back out.


"Did ya want another of my shirts?" Harry teased and I looked down at the floor. "Hey, I'm kidding Z. You can wear them if you want to. How are you feeling?" I shrugged my shoulders. "You spoke yesterday. You called my name," Harry stated.


I nodded and then grabbed my phone opening the text to speech app so as to make the conversation easier.


"Thankyou for helping me," it said, the robotic voice made me cringe.


"It's no problem Zalia. Come here," He said. I walked towards him and he pulled me into his lap and hugged me. "I'm proud of you for speaking up when it was necessary and I apologise for that creep. I can see you're uncomfortable around others now, just from your actions last night it is apparent but you shouldn't be. I will be here for you okay?" He waited a few seconds before continuing. "Do you wanna come out today? See Jason and all that?" I don't really want to but I shrugged. If he's going out I don't want to be on my own.


"Go put on some proper clothes then instead of your pj's. Something actually your style okay? Don't just try to cover up. I'm gonna go for a shower, get dressed while I'm in there and I'll warn you when I'm about to come out."


Harry got up and gave me another quick hug before he walked into the bathroom. I heard the shower start and turned some music on on my phone, hoping to make me feel more like myself. I plugged it into my stereo and turned the volume up a bit.


With Wild Wild Love playing I felt slightly more comfortable as I swayed my hips along with the music. By the time the song was halfway through I had jumped up onto the bed and I was jumping about, humming to the music. Once the song ended I felt like my old self. 5 Seconds Of Summer, Heartbreak Girl, began playing and I jumped off the bed and walked to the wardrobe, still dancing a little with the music.


I grabbed out and put on a pair of galaxy print leggings. I paired them with a plain white tank top with a black long sleeved crop top on top to keep warm as the forecast was to be cooler. I couldn't find good shoes though. I didn't know whether to wear wedge booties or high tops. I decided to let Harry choose. I walked over to the mirror where my make-up was already spread out on the table in front.


"I'm about to come out. Cover up if necessary," Harry said then counted down from ten.


I did my black eyeliner first and then my mascara then applied white eyeliner to my water line. I brushed my hair out and left it down, braiding a small part from each side and pinning them at the back. I spun to face Harry.


"You look beautiful. Where are your shoes?" I ran over and picked up one of each. "The heels?" Harry suggested uncertainly. 


I smiled and nodded putting them on. Even with the extra four inches of my wedges, Harry was still a few inches taller. I walked down to the car park with Harry and the fear started to set back in as I saw a couple of guys sitting out the front.I moved closer to Harry and grabbed his arm. Harry noticed the guys and put an arm around my waist.


"It's okay Z," Harry whispered softly in my ear, calming me down slightly. "Not every man is a scum bag, okay?"


I nodded but stayed close. The drive was short and soon we arrived at a small coffee shop in the city where apparently Harry had organised to meet up with his friends. I got out of the car and crossed my arms over my chest, wishing now that I had brought a jacket to cover up more. I walked in with Harry and all his friends were there, all of them men. I should have stayed home. I stopped in my tracks.


"Hey, calm down Z. I'm right here, they can't do anything. Oh. Also, take two of these, I'll go get you some water. Sit down," Harry handed me my pain tablets.


"Oi Zalia, come join us," one of Harry's friends called, I think his name was Zachary.


My eyes flicked to Harry who was on his way back with a glass of water. I walked over to the boot and grabbed a chair from a nearby table, sitting at the end of their table. Harry placed the water in front of him and then sat beside Zach.


The pain in my head was pretty much nonexistent at the moment but I didn't want it to come back so I popped two pills in my mouth and chased them with water. I felt a hand touch my arm and I flinched, pushing back with my feet and almost falling backwards in the chair.


"Chill Z. God. What's up with you?" Jason asked. I just shook my head in response. "What's the tablets for?"


"She hit her head and was in hospital most of yesterday," Harry explained.


"Shit. Are you okay?" Jason asked, going to place his hand on mine that was resting on the table. I pulled my hand away quickly and nodded.


I felt the paranoia setting in. Jason is my best friend, he would never hurt me but I couldn't help the tear that slipped from my eye.


"Zalia?" Zach asked.


I shook my head and stood up. I pointed to the door and as I took a step Harry stood up in front of me.


"I'm not letting you go out there alone. You're staying by my side for a while. Do you wanna go home?" I shrugged. Harry wrapped his arms around my waist. "Do you want me to tell them?" He asked as he pulled away to look at me.I shrugged and the tears began to fall faster and a sob escaped my lips.


"What's going on?" Jason demanded, standing up.


"Sit down mate and I'll explain. Come here," Harry said, sitting in my chair. He sat me down in his lap and I put my head in his chest.  I didn't want to see them. "Yesterday morning Zalia was almost raped. She's a little scared still, okay?"


There were outbursts from the other five boys. Harry explained further that the guy had since been arrested and explained my head injuries.


"I am going to murder that guy!" Jase said through gritted teeth. I shook my head wildly when I heard that.


"Jase, look at her. She's already scared your gonna hurt her. Don't give her more of a reason to be paranoid," Harry said.


"What the f is going on here?" a high pitched voice squeaked from the doorway of the coffee shop. I stood from Harry's lap instantly.


"It's fine," he whispered to me before turning to his girlfriend. "She has been through a lot okay? There is nothing between her and I," Harry explained.


"She should be on Jason's lap then. She's his friend," she accused, giving me a dirty look.


 I looked at Harry then flicked my eyes towards the door. Harry nodded.


"Zach, Jase, one of you take her home please," Harry said. I shook my head, I wanted to go on my own. "One of them is taking you Z. No excuses," he said strictly.


Zach stood up and smiled at me and I nodded, looking at the floor. He grabbed my hand and we began to walk to the door but Krystal stepped in front of me.


"I want you to apologise to me," she said, her voice full of venom.


"Krystal. Drop it. She did nothing," Harry basically demanded.


"No, Harry, I will not drop it. This bitch needs to apologise to me," she said, looking down at me.

I pulled out my phone.


'I'm sorry, I didn't realise how my actions would affect you.' I handed her the phone and she looked at it in disgust.


"This is not good enough. You can't just not say it. It's disrespectful. Apologise now. Out loud. Just say it," she said, her eyes full of rage.


"No," Harry interjected. "Zach, please take her home. Now. Or at least away from here."


Zach pulled me around Krystal and out the door. He let go of my hand as soon as we got outside.


"Are you okay?" he asked. "Are you crying?" I hadn't noticed it, but I was crying. "Is it cause I touched you?" He sounded worried.


I shook my head and surprised both myself and him when I hugged him. He hugged me back though, pulling me against his chest as my tears made a wet patch on his shirt. He pulled away and put his hands on my shoulders.

"Do you want me to take you home now?" I just nodded my head and grabbed his hand.

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