Find Your Words

Zalia. . . The girl who never spoke. Never been a part of society, was home schooled and is now enrolled at university.
What can Harry do to change that? Does Zalia even want to know the boy?


11. Just Hold On We're Going Home

Ugh. I am too drunk for this. Harry has been lecturing me for half an hour! I fell asleep at one point. . . That didn't go down too well. He pretty much raged at me.

"Are you even paying attention to me Zalia?!" Harry asked. I nodded my head. "Zalia, that was really irresponsible. You have class tomorrow and it's only six pm anyway. Why? What made you do this? I thought you would have learned your lesson yesterday," he said, shaking his head and scratching the back of his head.

I didn't want to think about it. It's been only four and a half hours since I found out, I haven't even cried yet. I looked at Harry and his face instantly changed from disappointment and anger to worry. He quickly sat down beside me and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me onto his lap. He rubbed my back and I felt a tear roll down my face.

"Aw Z. What happened?" he said softly, rubbing my back still, kissing my head.

I heard a sob and realised it was my own. I pulled away from Harry and grabbed my phone from my back pocket.

'My parents died'

Harry looked so shocked.

"Oh Zalia. Come on. Hop up and put on some sweats and grab a jacket, it's kinda chilly outside," Harry said, pulling me from the bed. I shook my head, I didn't wanna go out now. "Come on just do it. You can sleep in the car.

I walked over the drawers and pulled out a pair of track pants and grabbed one of Harry's hoodies. I didn't care if he was looking, I stripped off my shorts and pulled on the track pants. I pulled Harry's hoodie over my head then walked to the vanity, finding a hair lackey and pulling my long hair into a messy bun in the top of my head.

"Done yet?" Harry asked. I nodded my head. "Come on then," he said, grabbing my hand and pulling me out the door.

He turned and locked the door behind us then grabbed my hand and walked me down to the car park. He kept silent and I was thankful for that. We eventually reached his car and he opened the passenger door for me. I got in and put on my seat belt and Harry got in the other side, starting up the car.

"Go to sleep Z. This is going to be a long drive," he said.

Harry reached across and grabbed my hand, holding onto it, laying both our hands in my lap. I rested my head against the window and soon, I fell asleep.

I remember at some point hearing Carry On Wayward Son playing but then again, it could have just been my imagination or in a dream. I think I've watched too much Supernatural.

"Zalia," I heard and then felt my shoulder being shook.I shook my head and pulled my hands under my face, cuddling back up into myself. "Zalia, wake up, we're here."

I opened my eyes and saw Harry's face hovering above me, he looked so beautiful in this lighting. It was dark all around but there was a small ground light, like the ones I had back home, shining up at him and the moonlight was coming in from the other side, making his cheekbones and jaw look much more prominent, sexy even. I sat up and softly pressed my lips to his. He pulled back and I let my head drop, not wanting to look at him now.

"Zalia, you're drunk," he said.

He moved back and and I got out of the car. Where were we? We were parked in a driveway that had the same floor lights as I did back home, I started to feel a little home sick. I lifted my eyes to see a cute little house, not too big not too small. It took a minute for it to click but I soon realised that it was my house. I started shaking my head wildly. No. No, I couldn't be here. Not without them. Not knowing that they aren't here and that they never will be again.

"Zalia, this is important, okay? You can do this. It's just for the night, okay?" he said, guiding me toward the door.

When we reached it, I realise that I didn't have my keys, we couldn't get in anyway. The neighbours have a key but, it looks late, what time is it? But Harry just reached forward and put a key in and opened the door.

"Sorry, I grabbed your keys," he explained.

I hooked my arm around Harry's waist, still a little unsteady on my feet. I guided Harry through the house, knowing it inside out, even in the dark, to my bedroom upstairs. I opened the door and all my stuff was just as I'd left it. Even the stack of books beside my bed and the huge pile of clothes in the corner, it almost brought a smile to my face. I let go of Harry and stumbled over to my bed, face planting onto it as soon as it was close enough. I heard Harry chuckle and try to cover it with a cough.

I rolled onto my back and sat up, watching Harry walked towards me. he crouched down in front of me and pulled off my DC's. He then reached up and pulled off my hoodie.

"Hop into bed Z," he said, pulling back the covers. I stood up and pulled off my tank top and pulled my pants off. "What are you doing? Zalia! Get into your bed," he said shocked.

I walked over to my set of drawers and pulled out a pair of pj shorts. I slid them on and then I pulled off my bra and grabbed out a sports bra. I must admit, I'm one of those 'weird' few who wear bras to bed. I turned to face Harry and walked towards him. His mouth was hanging open as I still had not put on the bra, it hung loosely from my left index finger.

I stepped closer and closer to Harry, I wanted to see his reaction, he hadn't moved or even flinched. I moved close enough that my boobs were less than a centimeter from him. I looked up into his eyes, they were wide and staring. I dropped the bra and grabbed his hand, placing it on my left breast. Unfortunately that was enough and Harry pulled back.

"Zalia, I can't. You're drunk and I have a girlfriend. I- We can't," Harry said.

Harry crouched down to pick up my bra from the floor resulting in his face between my boobs. I cracked a smirk as he stayed there for a while. After what felt like several pleasurable hours, he pulled away.

"Here," he said, handing me my bra and avoiding eye contact. I took it and put it on. "I'll sit in the chair over there," he said awkwardly. "You need to go get some sleep.

I shook my head and grabbed his hand, pulling him over to my bed.

"Zalia. . ." Harry trailed off. I grabbed my phone.

'I just need someone to cuddle. I promise to try and not grope you'

Harry smirked, he pulled his shirt over his head and pushed me onto the bed. Hoping under the covers with Harry I managed to fall asleep rather quickly. My dreams full of sweet things, dirty things, but luckily not bad things, not parent related things.

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