Find Your Words

Zalia. . . The girl who never spoke. Never been a part of society, was home schooled and is now enrolled at university.
What can Harry do to change that? Does Zalia even want to know the boy?


10. It's All Down Hill From Here

My resolution to never drink again has just been blown out the window.

"Miss Markson, I would like you to understand that I am here for you to talk to and it is alright to cry," the councillor said.

I felt one brow raise as he said those words. I chucked him a thumbs up as I got up and walked out the door. Getting drunk was exactly what I was gonna do. Just as soon as I get that hot guy, what was his name again? Russel.

I walked down the corridor, refusing to let anything sink in. I knocked on the class door and walked in.

"Miss Markson?" the professor said, sounding honestly surprised. I lent over the desk, picking up a pen and some paper.

'Turns out Russel needs to go to the office now too'

"Mr Jackson? Please accompany Miss Markson to the office," he said.

I looked up to see Russel looking rather confused, packing up his stuff and stuffing it in a bag. He ran down to the front of the class and I walked out in front of him. He started walking in the direction of the office but I grabbed his arm and he turned to look at me. I shook my head.

"What's going on?" he questioned me.

'Come with me," my phone said when I pressed the play button.

"But where?"

"You'll see," I typed in for it to say.

Russel rolled his eyes but followed me anyway. I didn't really know my way around but I found what I was looking for, a utility closet. I turned the handle and it was open, thankfully. I tugged at Russel's hand.

"What are you doing, Z?"

I put a finger to my lips telling him to be quiet. Eventually he let me pull him into the closet and I shut the door behind him.  Luckily there was enough space in the room. I turned us around so my back was against the door then I pulled him to me.

"Z? Seriously, what are you doing?" he asked, not giving me what I want.

I sighed and grabbed my phone out.

'Kiss me.'

"Zalia, why?"

'Do it. I wanna remember it'

"Why are you doi-"

I cut him off as I pulled him by the shirt to my chest. I crashed my lips into his with force. He put up a sheild for a split second before he gave up on the internal battle he was apparently having. His lips melded with mine, his tongue pushing into mine. He stepped closer, pushing me further into the door. He lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he pushed me with force into the door. He pulled away to catch his breath and as he did, I removed my hands from around his neck and moved them up his shirt. I was right about his muscles, his abs were perfectly toned.

He pushed his lips back onto mine and I gasped in shock. His tongue slipped into my mouth and I felt as though I was melting. He was a great kisser.  After what felt like an hour, he pulled away again. He unwrapped my legs from his waist and looked down at me, from what I could see in the dim lighting.

He lent in towards my ear and whispered in it, his breath tickling my ear.

"I'm gonna use your thighs as earmuffs. My tongue'll be the jack and I'm gonna plug it in," he said, getting to his knees.

Russel pulled down my shorts and soon thereafter I felt his warm tongue against. I kept quiet as he continued. I bit down on my lip and ran my fingers through his hair, gently pulling at it. It wasn't long before I felt a tingle down my spine and the best feeling I'd ever experienced came over me. Russel stood up and gave me a goofy grin.

"Never done that before have you?" he asked. I shook my head. "Lucky me," he said with a wink.

I pulled my shorts back up and kissed Russel on the cheek. We walked out of the closet, checking that the halls were clear first. I began walking in the direction of the exit.

"Where are you going?" Russel asked.

I rolled my eyes but pulled out my phone.

"I'm gonna go and get drunk. You can come if ya wanna," the horrible robotic voice said.

I waited for a few seconds looking at him, he didn't make a move so I spun on my heel and began walking again.

"Ugh. Wait up Zalia," he said, jogging to catch up to me and I smirked to myself.

"Should we invite anyone else?" I made my phone ask.


Three hours later and the ten of us were stumbling over our feet in my dorm. It took an hour to gather some people and get some strong alcoholic beverages but eventually we made it to my dorm and thankfully, Harry was not home. Ugh, dealing with him would be a nightmare right now. He'd be all protecting and judgey and ugh, I could not deal with that being this drunk.

We had music running and the three of us girls were trying to dance along. Drinks in our hands, I was giggling and hiccuping, all of the events from today and my life before this just drifted away, along with my boundaries.

"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" the guys chanted as Katie and I danced together.

I moved closer and raised my eyebrows, she didn't protest so I moved in closer. She was, apparently, not wanting to wait as long as I was taking because she crashed her lips into mine, throwing her arms around my neck.

The boys all whooped as I deepend the kiss, grabbing her butt with my left hand and biting softly on her lip. I heard her gasp and I pulled away, knowing I would have a very goofy grin on my face. I threw my hands in the air and stuck out my tongue, turning to the boys. I ran over and jumped onto Russel's lap. I crashed my lips to his. 

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" Harry demanded from the doorway, turning off the music. I rolled my eyes and continued with my make out session with Russel. "Zalia!" Harry yelled, putting his arms around my waist and lifting my small body from Russel's lap. "What in god's name do you think you are doing! How long have you been drinking? It's only six pm!"

He placed me on the floor and I rolled my eyes at him as I folded my arms over my chest, pushing out one hip.

"Don't give me that sas. I am bigger than you Z. What is going on?" He asked, looking at me. I just returned with a stare. "All right! Everybody out!" He said, nobody move. "NOW!" he demanded, his voice loud and booming.

Everybody jumped at that, whether it was because of his voice, his muscles or the deadly look in his eyes, I will never know, but everyone was out the room in less than thirty seconds. I began walking towards the door.

"Not you, Zalia." Harry said, putting his hand on my shoulder. "You have some explaining to do."

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