Find Your Words

Zalia. . . The girl who never spoke. Never been a part of society, was home schooled and is now enrolled at university.
What can Harry do to change that? Does Zalia even want to know the boy?


3. History With Jase

I hugged Jason's arm as we walked out of the parlour. He held my hand the entire time while I was getting it done. I had a huge smile on my face and I could feel it. I pulled out my phone and handed it to him after typing out a quick thank you. 

"That's okay Zalia, you were very brave. Maybe the next one can be your eyebrow," he said, winking at me. 

Now don't get me wrong. . . I want to get my eyebrow pierced but. . . I've heard bad things. Things like if it's done wrong you can end up blind. I really don't want that. Jase and I walked through the massive mall. Coming from a small town, this city is massive. I don't think I'll be able to walk around it on my own without getting lost, probably ever.  

"Are you coming to the party this weekend?" Jase asked me as we walked around the mall, me browsing, him simply there just to keep me company. I shrugged. "You should." 

I pulled him into the first clothing store I saw. I heard him groan but I continued to tug him towards the racks. There were short clubbing type dresses, mini skirts, flashy, sequined tops and there were then accessory racks too. I felt like I was in heaven but Jase pulled me out of the store before I even had a chance to look.  

"You are NOT wearing any of those clothes!" He stated, waving his finger at me. I giggled but walked into a different store. 

This store stocked slightly more conservative items. There were normal tops and the dresses and skirts all came to at least mid thigh. Jason still looked a little skeptical but I didn't care. If I am going to a party and meeting new people, I want to look my best.  

I found a navy blue twisted pattern skirt, a black crop top and then the most perfect shoes; black platforms with chains on the front. I ran into the change room and Jase followed, standing quietly outside the curtain. In less than five minutes I stepped out, shoes and all. I twirled around slowly and then face Jason.  

"Don't you think it's a little too much black?" he asked.

I rolled my eyes and ducked back into the shop quickly. I returned and went straight into the change room. I took off the previous clothes and quickly threw on the new dress. It was a high-low dress, sleeveless, with a white lace bodice and a red chiffon skirt. I slipped the shoes back on and walked out to Jason.

"Way better," he commented. "You look beautiful."

I felt the blush rise to my cheeks and I looked down at the floor. I quickly jumped back into the change room before Jason could see.

"Let me buy it for you," Jason was saying, pushing my hand away from the eftpos machine.

I moved away but as Jase went to swipe his card I pushed him, with all of my strength and then quickly swiped my own card. I put in my pin triumphantly. The lady behind the counter chuckled to herself.

"You two make a very cute couple," she said, smiling genuinely.

"Thank you mam but we're just good friends. She saved my life and I vowed to protect her when she came here for school," Jase said, smiling down at me.

I hugged him tight around the waist. I had almost forgot about that. Two years ago, Jason was depressed and was close to committing suicide. Joining a chat room to make friends was his last shot, I was the first one to actually talk to him. I was his first real friend. I had texted him through many nights and sometimes he would call me to just have somebody to listen to his problems. He once even called me his 'light angel', the one who brought him out of his darkest stage. Before him, no one in the chat room knew of my speaking predicament, they just knew I had some sort of problem that I didn't wanna talk about. He was the first, outside of my family, to actually know that I don't talk, on purpose anyway.

"What do you want to do now?" Jase asked as we were walking towards his bike.

"Can we go see my professors? Inform them of this non-speaking thing?" the robotic voice on my phone relayed.

"What was that?" he asked, spinning around to look at me.

"My phone has a text to speech app," I was smiling at the surprise on his face. "So can we?" my phone said.

"Yeah I guess. I'll explain it to them if you like?" he offered and I smiled, nodding my head.


Most of the professors were fine with my condition and I was glad to finally be back in my room. Harry wasn't here yet, he was still out with his girlfriend. I took a shower, a long, hot, steamy shower. It was only seven when I turned out the light and crawled into my bed with my laptop. I plugged in my headphones then began searching for a movie to watch. Eventually settling on Warm Bodies, I snuggled under my covers, knowing I would fall asleep soon.

There's nothing like falling asleep to a sexy zombie starring in a love story with a side of Dave Franco. Ugh. Those feels, those feels.

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