officially in a love triangle

A girl name Emma gets adopted by one direction two of the boys are in love with her and Emma doesn't know anything about the crushes but she will date one of them Emma is just an extraordinary teenage girl , but there is alot of drama coming her way and lots hearts broken and death....


8. what happened.

Emma pov:  I saw Liam looking at me the whole time I ran to the elevator Liam camed in with me.

what happened to you ?asked Liam  I don't want to talk about it. said Emma  I didn't want to keep a secret from, but they are keeping a secret from me so I won't say anything. once exited the elevator I went to my hotel room.  I quickly got undressed and grabbed my inhaler and then I took a cold bubble bath .until I heard a knock on the door. I grabbed my towel and went to go get the door I saw blood in the water so I tuck the plug out and grabbed me some clothes.  I awnser the door and the boys walked in . Can tell who did this to you .said Louis okay so this girl who bullied me in high school stole my cousins V.I.P. Passes .said Emma I showed the boys the three girls  who gave me scars, bruises, and a black eye. You thought maybe miss . barbie would come after you. The boys were talking.  Boys let them come to the concert .said Emma the boys looked at me confused.  I know it stupid but I got a plan I whispered the plan to the boys.cause miss.barbie knows everything.  


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