officially in a love triangle

A girl name Emma gets adopted by one direction two of the boys are in love with her and Emma doesn't know anything about the crushes but she will date one of them Emma is just an extraordinary teenage girl , but there is alot of drama coming her way and lots hearts broken and death....


14. party

I'm glad that I don't need that wheelchair I'm my old self again today tori, me, and the boys are going home and throwing a party just the 7 of us hanging out. Tori decided we play truth or dare. Emma truth or dare.said tori dare.said Emma I dare tou to tell the boys who you are in love with.said tori  I got so nervous cause I love all of the boys buy I have a crush on Niall . Niall Horan .I quickly said and left the living room and went in the kitchen to grab a snack .  I got all nervous and tori came in the kitchen smiling.  What .I said Niall has a crush on you.said tori omg.said Emma


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