officially in a love triangle

A girl name Emma gets adopted by one direction two of the boys are in love with her and Emma doesn't know anything about the crushes but she will date one of them Emma is just an extraordinary teenage girl , but there is alot of drama coming her way and lots hearts broken and death....


11. hide and seek

Liam pov: after the concert me and the boys tried looking for Emma but we couldn't find her so we went to her hotel room the door was open but it wasn't Emma it was some girl with brown hair and blue eye. Um who are you? Asked Zayn  I'm tori Emma ex best friend . said tori um so what are doing here?asked Liam  um Emma usually doesn't pick up my calls but she called me when I was at your concert she said that 3 girls took her.said tori wait where's our phones .said Zayn  I got my phone I'll call 911 and check if she got lost in the woods. 

Emma pov: I'm still in the stupid room I tried walking but it hurt and I felled I tried again when I got to the door I open it and ran in the woods not knowing where to go. I just ran and my leg was killing me but had to get away then I heard a gun go off I fell to the ground cause the bullet hit my leg I couldn't move so  I crawled out of the woods but that boy put me on his shoulder and took me back to the white room and lock the door behind. I knew I was going to die I won't be alive anymore I'm losing alot of blood  . 


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