officially in a love triangle

A girl name Emma gets adopted by one direction two of the boys are in love with her and Emma doesn't know anything about the crushes but she will date one of them Emma is just an extraordinary teenage girl , but there is alot of drama coming her way and lots hearts broken and death....


5. abused

So the boys are going on tour and I'm going witn them when went on the plane I was still wearing bat girl pajamas cause I was going go to sleep on the plane I fell asleep facing Liam .when I woke up I saw Liam laying in my lap I tried to move him but I couldn't . Liam wake up batman is here . said Emma where where . said Liam I tricked you .said Emma so when we get to New Orleans you are going to be wearing that.said Liam no I'm going to get dressed now .said Emma Emma ran to the washroom and change into her cool clothes .when me and the boys boared off the plane we went to a hotel . I quickly went to my hotel room I was bored for a little while so I decided to go for a walk  . During the walk I turn around a girl who like a barbie doll came up to me with her slutty looking best friends .so you are Emma .said barbie doll  what do you want.said Emma aww don't act slutty .said barbie then barbies 2 3sluts took my arm and took me to her barbies house where barbie and the 2 sluts hurt me and took my three V.I.P. passes for me and my cousins who live in New Orleans.  Once I got up I left and grabbed my purse when I went in hotel I bump into Liam . Oh my god . said Liam that's all he said I was still covered in bruises from barbie and the sluts.


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