Baby Preference

Baby Preference~
Liam Payne
Gonna get me some booty, dat fine booty.


2. ~Finding Out~ P2

Chelsea's pov:

I stepped out of the car, and started to walk up to the front door of the clinic.

The lady at the front desk, maybe in her late 30's? Assigned me to the waiting room. I watched a little boy, sitting on the floor with a truck. I started to wonder when Liam and I would start our own family, "Chelsea, Chelsea Payne." I stood up and started to walk to the young lady waiting in the clinics hallway.

I sat down, and intwined my fingers together and waited for the young lady to sit down. "Morning Mrs Payne. My name is Ms Jiffin, how can I help you today?" I explained to her what's been happening, and she gave me a urine test, she left the room and I was sitting here waiting for what's been wrong with me for the past 2 weeks.

It seemed like 30 minutes past before she came back in the room, she sat down and looked at me with a cheerful face. "So what's wrong with me?" I said a bit impatiently. "Mrs Payne, your pregnant." I started to grin, and remember what I said to myself before I came in this room.

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