Isnt she lovely.

Lily, Little sister of Ashton Irwin is bullied at school for her eyes. One eye has blue brown and green. Until she becomes best friends with the new student Niall Horan. Until he leaves to go on the X Factor. Lily is left alone with her bully's again. What happens 6 years later when she bumps back into her old bestfriend?


2. Chapter 2

*Lily POV*

*BeepBeepBeep* My phone alarm woke me up at 6.30am. OMG! I'm late. I'm late I'm late. I've never been late. I jump out of bed...LITERATLY..ran to my wardrobe and slinged on my uniform, throw my hair in a pony tail, grabbed my phone and keys and ran to the shop.

I ran down the pavement until I felt a big pain on my bum. Then I realised I feel into someone. "OMG I'm so sorry!" I said rushing up onto my feet "it's okay love" they said in a accent that I can not forget. Niall. I looked up at him. "Lils?" He asked surprised. I nodded. "You changed so much! Your taller! And your hairs pink? But your still beautiful princess!" He said I just stood there.

*Flash Back*

"Niall! I wanna watch this one!" I moaned while getting under the covers as Niall did the same next to me. Every Friday we would have a sleepover around mine or his. We would always wear our onesies. I snuggled into him as the movie started. You see we're best friends, more like brother and sister and I've known him for around 6 years now. Ever since that day we meet we became best friends. Even know we're 16 our mums can trust us sleepin in the same bed because were not going to do anything like that! It's not weird sharing a bed together because it's just normal for us? My eyes felt heavy ad slowly falling asleep "goodnight princess" he said kissing my forehead. *End*

"Lily!" Niall shouted as I came out my day dream. "I-I- need to go" I said walking away fast. "No lily wait!" He said as I heard footsteps getting faster behind me. "Where are you going?" He asked. "Work" I said still walking "have a day of Lils! Please!" I turned around and looked into his eyes. "We'll I'm already late so I don't think it will hurt" I said quietly. "Wanna come back to mine?" He asked "Niall. You left me" I said "no. You left me. After the show I came back and you and Ashton were gone!" He said getting angry. " you left when I needed you. Mum died Niall. So me and Ashton go shipped to our Nan's and I never heard from you and now you think it's going back to normal again. No niall" I said back. "I'm sorry Lils..." He said hugging me. "I missed you" I said in his chest. Breathing his old sent in that I missed so much. Niall back. My Niall's back.

A/N hey guys. Hope you like it? Like and comment what you think! I know these are annoying so won't do many. Will update soon!~Jade

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