Isnt she lovely.

Lily, Little sister of Ashton Irwin is bullied at school for her eyes. One eye has blue brown and green. Until she becomes best friends with the new student Niall Horan. Until he leaves to go on the X Factor. Lily is left alone with her bully's again. What happens 6 years later when she bumps back into her old bestfriend?


1. Chapter 1

*Lilys POV*

The door went *Bing* as the last customer walked out the door with the apple pie I cooked her. I pulled my apron off and walked into the back to start cleaning before locking up. I graded the mop and started collecting the crumbs left on the floor for the day just passed. *Bing Bing* I heard from the front of the bakery, whoops I forgot to lock the door. "Sorry! We're closed, come back tomorrow!" I shouted from the back to whoever was in the shop. "Hello? Excuse me!?" A deep voice said loudly. I groaned and walked into the front looking down, I normally do this because people think I'm a freak because I not normal eyes? I don't know. I guess I was born with it. One eyes is the brightest blue you have ever seen, witch I love. But then the right eyes has brown,blue and green bits in my eye. I hate it. The only person who liked them was Nial-- never mind.

I walked out still looking down while the man said "oh thank god!" "Sorry were closed. You will have to come back tomorrow" I said "no no you don understand! I need a birthday cake! Like now! It's my friends birthday tomorrow and I need one now!" He said desperately. "I'll see if we have any spare ones..." I said looking at my feet walking into the back. While I was out of sight I looked up and found a spare white cake. I carried it in the front to the man. "Thanks. Can you write something on it for me? I'll pay more!" He said as I put it on the counter. "Sure" I said tired. I know it's like only 11pm but when you got to bed at 12pm and wake up at 4.30am you get tired. I found some blue iceing and placed it in the tube. "What would you like in it" I said yawning. Looking down at thecake. "Um...Happy Birthday Niall Horan" I froze.


"Ew look! The sluts back! She's such a freak. Look at her eyes!" The blonde slut of the school shouted. I looked down. Don't worry, this happens everyday. I get bullied for my eyes that's why I always look down, I get so ashamed of myself. I was walking to my locker when I bumped into someone. "I'm so sorry" I said looking down. "It's okay love" someone said I a accent I've never heard before. I looked up, an I don't care. He has amazing blue eyes, blonde hair with dark roots. "Y-our...Your" he stutters "eyes? Yeah I know. There so ugly. I'm sorry" I said looking down. "No! No! There so beautiful!" He said lifting my head up with his finger to look more. "I'm new, I'm Niall!" He said happy. "I'm lily!" I said smiling. *end of flash back*

"Hello! Are you okay" the boy asked. I looked straight up at him. "Y-yeah sorry" I said. He had bright green eyes and brown curly hair that goes everywhere. I looked down and started writing it. "There you go" I said packing up the cake in the box. "£34.56" I said while he gets the money out his wallet. "I'm Harry, Harry styles" he said smirking passing the money. I look into his eyes witch I never do and say "Lily, Lily Irwin" I said smiling. "We'll thanks for the cake" he said while walking out the shops. I locked the door and started walking home. It was only 10 minutes away so it's not a long walk.

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