The ultimate revenge? Suicide.


1. Her Last Breath

She did not flail as the water submerged her and her thoughts. She closed her eyes, determined to keep her promise to herself. She felt herself sink lower and lower into the depths of her wildest dreams, and sucked in a sharp breath. This was really it. The day she had planned for months. All the lies she forged and smiles she fake, all lead up to this moment. She felt light, like an angel. Like there was no burden to weigh her down to the bottom of the lake. How free she felt. How beautiful she will be when she is no longer breathing. Another breath, another mouthful of death. The taste lingers on her tongue like the feeling of betrayal hung off her body the night she saw them. But she dare think of them in her final moments. They don’t deserve her thoughts. Her vision becomes hazy as the darkness surrounds her, her mind blissfully waiting for the moment it all slips away. Her fingers curl into a fist, a last act of defiance, before her body hits the floor. The contact makes her gasp for air as thoughts flood into her mind. What is she doing? All this for a boy. A stupid, selfish jerk that she was desperately in love with. How could she be so naive? Her arms push against the lake floor, as her body surged upward in a desperate attempt to save her life. She is pulled to the floor again, her back hitting the sand as the chains around her ankles scrape her skin. Her hands fumble around the chains, her fingers desperately searching for something to set herself free. Her hands tangle themselves in her hair, as she let out what would be a blood curdling scream if not muffled by the liters of water suffocating her. She tugs her hair anything to distract herself from the fire burning in her lungs. But some actions cannot be undone. Her body is weak, and she is useless against the metal holding her to her word. Feeling her lungs tighten to the point where she wishes death would just take her; she lies down and pictures what bought her here. A boy, a friend, and a bed she used to sleep in. This is what defined her. Not the charity work she did at hospitals, not the times she laughed and cried, nor the times when she fell on her feet, only to get back up. This was who she had become. A girl who gives herself to death at the thought of being alone. Pathetic. Her head rests against the sand, her eyes closing gently. She forces a smile onto her lips as her thought fade into nothingness. On the bottom of the lake lies a girl, not yet to be discovered. Chains hang limply from her legs, and a smile plays on her lips like she can taste her revenge. And to this girl, revenge doesn’t taste so sweet.

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