Forever Mine...

Sequel to 'Dont let me go'
more pain....


3. Chapter 3

Louis P.O.V

I'm so happy that Cara named the baby James William Jawaad Styles! I think it's so sweet! I cant thank her enough! It would've been better if he was called louis, because that is a great name, but James is a cute name.I think that Harry will make a great dad! Well at least now he gets a second shot at it.....

Harry and Cara came and joined the circle and we played truth or dare. Harry got dared to run around on the street in his boxers and sing 'what does the fox say'. When he came back he kissed Cara but because he was in his boxers he had the urge to fuck her. Their kiss got more heated but then we pulled them away. Niall admitted that he lost his virginity to Monisa when they started to go out a few years ago. Zayn had to kiss Liam because he didn't want to fuck Perrie infornt of us. To be honest I'm glad he didn't! Eleanor was just about to do her dare but we were interrupted by the baby monitor. James was awake. We all sprinted upstairs and helped them out.

James woke up and needed a nappy change. Cara changed him and got some help from the girls. We all decided to call it a night and got ready for bed. The sofas are sofa beds, they bought them because we go and stay round their house alot.

*10 months later

James is growing up! He just said his first word yesterday! Aha everyone laughs when he says it. It's the only thing he knows. He doesn't say mama or dada he said Craic! Aha I think it's because of Niall! He's always saying it! He has emerald eyes that are just like Harry's and his hair is chestnut brown too. It's not curly but Harry's wasn't when he was younger. He has dimples just like the both of them and when he smiled, just around the eyes, he looks like Cara. They make a beautiful family!

Harry's P.O.V

Cara and I sometimes take James to Uni with us. He's stayed a few nights in the dorm and we've take him to a few classes. I grabbed my bag and headed down to the kitchen. Everyone stayed around last night. Cara and Eleanor were making breakfast. David and Logan have become close friends of ours now. They stayed around too. I walked into the living room to see David and Perrie helping James crawl. I smiled at them and encouraged my baby. I then exited the living room and headed towards the kitchen. Cara looked up at me and smiled. I walked upto her and wrapped my muscular arms around her waist and kissed her forehead.

She handed me some toast and a bowl of Cheerios and pecked my cheek before exiting the kitchen to go get James and get him ready for today. He's going to come with us to university. Everyone had walked into the kitchen and got their breakfast.

The doorbell rang. I had already finished eating so I went to go answer it. I was gobsmacking when I saw who it was!

"Hey Harry" Emma said with a smirk and she held a baby in her arms! What!! I looked behind her and saw Alyssa! What why is she here! We split up years ago! Wait what's that?! A little boy! He was about 2 years old and had chestnut curls and glowing green eyes like mine! OMG! NO! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!!


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