Forever Mine...

Sequel to 'Dont let me go'
more pain....


2. Chapter 2

Caras P.O.V

"I love you too" I said and Harry pulled me into a hug.

"I need to go to the bathroom" I said and walked over to it. I got a private room because I'm a only 18. When I walked back into the room, Harry was holding James and everyone else was crowding around them. Because, I had a private room, I could have as many visitors as I wanted.

"How are you feeling?" Monisa asked as she walked me to my bed.

"Alright" i sighed

She smiled which made her eyes light up. I'm so happy she's my best friend, I don't know what I would do without her! I tucked myself back in the bed and Harry walked over to my side.

"The midwife said that James is more than ok for a baby that was premature, and that we can go home today" he smiled making his emerald orbs sparkle and his dimples pop. Wow he's so beautiful! I want James to look just like his daddy! I was fantasising about what James would look like or what colour his eyes would be when I was interrupted my Harry smashing his lips onto mine and gave me a quick but sweet kiss.

"Guys! He's waking up!!" Louis whisper shouted. We all ran to his side. He quickly but carefully passed me James and I gave him a confused look.

"The first face a child should see should be his mothers" he explained

I nodded and we all stared at James as his eyes started to open. They were a beautiful green colour! He had Harry's eyes! Awwww! He's soo cute!

"Congrats, he's got your eyes" Zayn said while patting Harry's shoulder. I felt tears form in my eyes.

"He's so beautiful" I said with my voice cracking.

"That's because your his mother" Harry said while pecking my cheek. The midwife entered the room and smiled at everyone in the room. She came over to me and Harry and spoke up.

"Your free to go home now, the hospital is providing you with a free car seat" she said while placing a big box on the floor and walking out.

Harry gently placed James in the car seat and carried it out if the hospital. I called my parents and told them to come to my house instead of the hospital. We are going with The boys. We had to call a taxi because the boys got a lift from the police instead of driving here. We pulled up in the driveway. The taxi driver congratulated us and we headed inside.

The familiar scent invaded my nostrils and we walked into the living room. Harry placed the cars eat down and quickly sprinted up the stairs. Moments later he came back with the Moses basket. He took James out of the car seat,kissed him and gently placed him in. A few minutes later, the girls arrived.

I fed James and he fell asleep. All of the guys said they would stay around for the night so they can help us out. My parents phoned saying there is a lot of traffic so they can't come but they promise to visit this week.

I carried James upstairs and Harry followed behind me. I gently laid him down in his crib and turned on the baby monitor. Me and Harry watched him sleep for a few seconds and then made our way downstairs. When we reached the living room, everyone was in a circle on the floor. Monisa held a glass bottle in her hand and smirked.

"LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!" Louis squealed.

Me and Harry both sighed and sat down next to each other in the circle and Monisa spun the bottle.

(Authors note)
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