Forever Mine...

Sequel to 'Dont let me go'
more pain....


16. Chapter 16

Cara's P.O.V

He can't know i still love him! I need to forget him. After all of the pain he's put me through, I can't just go crawling back into his arms and pretend pretend that everything is alright because it's not! Ugghhh I hate the way he makes me feel! He always does this! He rights me a song and expects me to run back to him and then when everything is finally play between us, he will do something to hurt me again. Then I will leave, and he will come after me and I just can't keep up with this anymore! This is an endless cycle! WE ARE AN ENDLESS CYCLE!

He cleared his throat and kept his emerald glossy eyes locked in mine. His lips quivered as he spoke. His voice send shivers down my spine.

Why does his presence make me feel this way?!

Why does his body make me feel this way?!

Why does his love make me feel this way?!

Why does he make me feel this way?!

He tuned the guitar with his left hand while never loosing eye contact. I wanted to run away and never see him again. I what his songs do to me. They break me. He breaks me. I can't do this anymore! I want to run away but I can't.

He gasped. I saw his chest rise and fall and he started to sing. The angelic words floating off of his tongue. The angelic words of my lover....

(Authors note)

-hi! Just wanted to tell you that when I have song lyrics eg when I had more than this in the last chapter, I suggest that you listen to the song so you can actually feel the story and picture yourself in it instead of just reading it :)

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