Forever Mine...

Sequel to 'Dont let me go'
more pain....


13. Chapter 13

Nialls P.O.V

I heard a thud. It sounded like someone had just collapsed. I ran back up the stairs and swung Harry's door. He wasn't in here! I ran into the bathroom and gasped at the sight. Harry was unconscious with tablets scattered all around his unmoving body. WHAT?! NO!? HE COULDN'T HAVE!!

I ran over to him and jolted his firm body. He didn't move.

"MONISA!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Moments later she came bursting into the room panting. She saw me with Harry's body and ran over to us.

"What happened?!" She said sounding scared and shaky.

"I don't know! I think he just took a lot of tablets and got an overdose" I sniffled. I wiped the tears from my damp face and reached for Harry's arm to check his pulse. His lips were slightly parted and they were blue. His face was pale and his facial expression made him look like, finally, he was at peace.

No pain.

No anger.

No hurt.

No loss.

No.... None of the Harry we have stayed with for the past three months.

He was finally free. When my warm fingertips touched his pale wrist I flinched at first. He was icy cold!! HE HAD NO PULSE!! Monisa quickly dialled the ambulance and within moments, we were in the hospital. Harry was taken straight to A&E.

I called everyone but they didn't answer. There was one person left....

Monisas P.O.V

Niall was worried sick! I was really worried too but Harry is Nialls best friend and he is takin this really hard. We called everyone but they didn't answer. Niall then pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialled someone's number.

"Cara?!" I overheard him loudly say into the speaker.....

*10 minutes later

We still haven't hear anything about Harry. There are a lot of doctors and nurses rushing in and out of his room. The doors swung open and in came Cara!!...

Followed by Elliot....

Well this isn't going to end well!

Cara ran over to me and gave me a tight hug. An old nurse with soft blue eyes and curly grey hair approached us.

"How is he?!" Niall blurted out.

"He's awake now, he's doing alright, his body isn't fully stable yet but you can still go and see him." She said before leading us to a room. Elliot stayed behind and she led us into a plain white room. She let us in and shut the door behind her. Niall ran over to his side and started bombarding him with questions.

I looked over at Cara and saw that she was playing with her fingernails. I nudged her and her head shot up in my direction. They were glossy and looked full of fear. I slowly approached her and whispered in her ear.

"You still love him don't you?" I said quietly so only she could hear. Harry's eyes had been on Cara the whole time. He hadn't even answered any of Nialls questions. He just stared at Cara. He just sat there looking in her eyes, waiting for something. I pushed Cara gently to Harry's bedside and me and Niall left the room to give them some privacy....

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