Summer Love

Is it easy for a teenager to regain the trust that has already been broken? Is it easy to cope with the perks of life when everything changes? That's exactly what 19 year old Summer asks herself. When her parents get a divorce just after her painful breakup with her boyfriend, life takes the highway where she never wanted to drive. So when Summer move to Bradford, her life is turned upside down... again.


1. Life As Unusual

"That's it," she yelled, thumping herself down on the cold granite floor, "We're done!" She looked up at Joshua, her boyfriend-turned-monster, with tears welling up in her eyes. Joshua sat next to her, calmly as if nothing happened in the first place, trying to hold her hand. "Summer, I-"

Summer fiercely kicked him away, as well as going back herself. "How could you, Joshua? How could you?" He tried to get closer to her yet again, failing once more. She couldn't stop yelling...or crying. Three years with the guy she loved so much, betrays her. He tried to reason again. "Look here, Summer. I'm sorry-" Summer clenched her fists,  punching the wall, making herself bleed. "For what? Breaking my heart, my trust, all the faith I had in you?" He stepped closer to her, trying to make her stop from hurting herself. "Summer! You'll hurt yourself!" She laughed at him. "More than you hurt me? I don't think so. " He sighed, attempting to reason again. "But-" She laughed again, tears still in her eyes. "Joshua. Get this clear for once and for all... I'm breaking up with you."

He gasped, "What?!"

Now with a poker face, she looked at him, eyes as wet as rain, "Get out. Get out of my house. Get out of my life."

"But, Summer-"

"Just go. Live your life with that stupid girl. You've always loved her, not me. So leave..." With that, she opened the door. He looked at her with regretful eyes. As he walked out the door, he said to her softly, "I'll miss you,"

She slammed the door shut,  banging her head on it. She fell on her knees, and rivulets of water streamed down her eyes. "Goodbye, Joshua."


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