Summer Love

Is it easy for a teenager to regain the trust that has already been broken? Is it easy to cope with the perks of life when everything changes? That's exactly what 19 year old Summer asks herself. When her parents get a divorce just after her painful breakup with her boyfriend, life takes the highway where she never wanted to drive. So when Summer move to Bradford, her life is turned upside down... again.


3. Drama, Drama, Drama

Summer looked at her mother with tense eyes. She led her towards the couch and they both sat down. "So, mom...what's going on?" she asked her. For a few seconds, her mother looked down at her shoes, in absolute silence. Summer raised an eyebrow, confused at her mother's silence. "Mom?"

Startled, her mother looked up. "Huh?"

"You were going to tell me something?" she asked.

"Oh...uh...about that..." her mother mumbled.

"MOM! Will you stop mumbling and tell me what's going on?"

"Summer. Honey, your dad and I-"

Summer jerked up, both her eyebrows shot up. "What did you guys do?"

Her mother calmly rose up, trying to calm her confused daughter down. "Sweetie, your dad and I...we're getting a divorce."

"You're...WHAT?!" she yelled out, throwing herself back on the couch, her forehead clenched in her hands.

"He's not been the same lately. Stays away from home all night, comes back during late morning..."

"Mom," Summer interrupted, "What are you trying to say?"

"Summer, I saw him pouring sleeping pills into my wine." she whispered.

Summer jerked up again, her eyes even wider. "Dad tried to kill you?!"

"I guess he did. But it's going to be okay." her mother assured her.

"MOM! He tried to kill you, he's acting weird, you're getting divorced, and you're saying it's going to be alright?"


"Don't Summer me! I didn't need more drama after that stupid, rotten ex-boyfriend! What's gonna happen to me and my life?"

"Relax. We'll figure something out."

Summer looked at her with tense eyes again. "I'll never have the same life again, will I, Mom?"

"We're in this together. We'll get through it." Her mother smiled in that assuring way again, making Summer feel better after all the drama. But would she ever have the same life ever again...?

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