Summer Love

Is it easy for a teenager to regain the trust that has already been broken? Is it easy to cope with the perks of life when everything changes? That's exactly what 19 year old Summer asks herself. When her parents get a divorce just after her painful breakup with her boyfriend, life takes the highway where she never wanted to drive. So when Summer move to Bradford, her life is turned upside down... again.


2. Apartment Issues

The next morning, when Summer woke up after all the drama that took place the night before, she realized what a disaster her apartment looked like. The place smelled of nicotine and tar, a Joshua alert. The kitchen wall had prints of Summer's dried up blood, which made her look down at her fists. "Oh crap. Ouch." Despite the extreme pain she felt, she remained emotionless, expressionless and dull after the breakup. Her friends had warned her about staying away from Joshua. But no. She already was blind in love with him at that time. How stupid. At that exact moment, she got up and walked to the bathroom and washed the blood off her hands. She threw herself on the couch, staring at the ceiling. "I can't believe he's actually gone. I'm gonna miss-" She was interrupted by a doorbell. "At this time? Oh, boy. Wait, what's the time?" She looked at the wall clock, gasping. "Oh no! It's 10 a.m.! And it's... the 8th of... Oh...cheese and crackers! Mom and Dad are supposed to visit me today! What am I gonna do now?!" She looked around, ignoring the constant doorbell. Leaving out the blood stained wall and sink, messed up living room and bits of furniture all over the place, the smell of nicotine, everything was fine. "Hmm...Not like they'll care." In her worn out clothes, she jumped up and opened the door. "Hey, Mom. Dad...Wait, what?" She was only looking at a brunette lady, her mom. "Mom, where's Dad?" Her mother was quiet, staring at her face. "Hello, darling. First tell me why you look like this." Summer looked down. "Oh it's just that...uhm...why don't you come in?" Leading her astonished mother into her messy apartment, all she got was an even more confused mom. "Huh," her mother sighed, "...looks like you had quite a night. If you could explain the blood." Summer nervously laughed. "Uh... Mom... Joshua and I...we..."

Her mother looked at her nervously. "You...what?"

Summer stammered out, "...we broke up."


"Broke up."


"What?" Summer asked her.

"The fact you broke up."


"Yes," her mother laughed. They both laughed. "Now... I need to tell you something..."

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