I cant live without you



Luke's P.O.V

Emily sat besides me "hello luke" she says "hello love" I say "how are you going now that your here".i ask "a lot better thanks for helping me through it without Niall" she says and I hugged her "it's ok, I'm just glad your ok now" I say. *flashback*After the first week Niall was gone she called me up crying "Luke I can't do this" she said "I'll come over I'll be there In 5" I say I quickly drove there, I opened the door and ran to her room she was crying it hurt me to see her so broken I walk to her and held her in my arms "it's ok I'm going to be here for you every step of the way" I said and kissed her head. "C can you stay the night" emily asks "sure love" I lay her on the bed and put the covers over her "goodnight em" I kissed her head and walked out. "Wait" she yelled " yes love" I say "can you stay in here with me" she asks "ok I'll just get the spare mattress" I say and walked out. As much as I wanted to sleep in the same bed with her I didn't want anyone to find out. I got the mattress and walked back in to emily still crying "em it's ok" I say and sat by her side I knew that this never would've been easy for her it's been a week what will she do he has another 8 months away. *end flashback*

Emily's P.O.V

I felt like I was going to cry from all of the thoughts without Niall. I held back the tears as Niall walked in and sat on the other side of me. "What should we do" Niall yells breaking the silence "let's go bowling" Michel yelled "good idea" we all walk down to the car and drove the the bowling alley "I dibs emily on our team" Luke yells I laughed "oh it's on" I say to Niall "were gonna beat your ass" Luke says to Niall Niall chuckles and we walk in it was pretty quiet luckily. We payed and got our shoes and walked to the alley "so it's emily Luke Calum Michael Ashton VS me Louis Harry Liam and zayn" says Niall "yep" we all say and get started first up it was Niall and I I bowl first I got a strike "beat that" I say he bowls and misses two everyone laughed and Niall just rolled his eyes Mikey and Liam are next Liam went first and got a gutter ball, Mikey got a spare "IN YOUR FACE PAYNE!" Micheal yelled. *after the game*

Luke's P.O.V

I was falling for emily again. More than ever i just wanted to kiss her so bad. She walked over to be and let out an excited scream "we won!" She yelled. "I knew we would love" I say she smiles I looked into her blue eyes as they sparkled. I must've been staring at her for a while because she slapped me in the face "what" I moan "were going now" she says I picked her up over my shoulder and ran out because it was pouring rain and everyone was already in the car. She screamed "put me down luke" "I can't" I say and sit her in the car and shut the door as she sat with Niall. I wish she was that happy when I'm with her. Harry drives the car to McDonald's and we go through a drive through and took our orders "your total is $69.70" michael grins "you dirty boy" harry chuckles as he handed the money to the guy serving.

Emilys p.o.v

"STOP IT!" I yell at all 9 of the boys they all stare at me dropping the food they had in their hands "stop fighting over

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