I cant live without you



Emily's P.O.V

I sat alone while waiting for the boys to come on stage "hello love" I heard a very familiar voice I turn around "LUKE" I yelled and hugged him "it's been so long" he said " It's so good to see you" I say luke was my best friend "Emily" I turned to see calum Michel and Ashton run towards me I scream and hug them "thought we'd join you" Calum says "OMG j missed you" I say Michel hugs me "we missed you to" I sat on Luke's lap the boys came on stage and they began to sing torn when they sing that I get real emotional should've thought to wear waterproof mascara oh well they're my best friends they won't care I cry and smile luke put his arm around me as I heard the boys sing in an angletic tone they were perfection. Half way through they changed clothes which gave me more of a chance to talk to the others "love your shirt girl" Ashton says "thank you Niall got it for Me" I say Niall walked on the stage alone with his guitar "this song is dedicated to my princess who has helped me through the last few years and she has stood strong through all the hate so here we go" he says I started crying in the first line "your insecure don't know what for your Turing heads when they walk through the door don't need makeup to cover up being the way that you are is enough, everyone else in the room can see it everyone else but you baby you light up my world like no body else the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed the way you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell you don't know you don't know your beautiful if only you saw what I could see you'll understand why I want you so desperately believe you don't know you don't know your beautiful oh oh that's what's makes you beautiful. So c'mon you got it wrong to prove I'm right I put it In a song I don't know why your being shy and turn away when I look into your eyes. Everyone else in the room can see it everyone else but you. Baby you light up my world like nobody else the way that YOH flip your hair gets me overwhelmed they way smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell you don't know. *skip to the end of concert* I ran backstage with Luke Calum Ashton and Michel holding likes hand we ran to where everyone was I ran to Niall and he pulled me into a tight hug "I love you so much Niall that was amazing" I say "I love you more" he says and kisses my lips "glad you liked it" zayn says he hugged me "we have another surprise for you to babe" Harry says "5SOS ARE COMING WITH US FOR THE REST OF THE TOUR!!!!!" He yelled "WHAT OMG!!!" I scream and start crying they all hugged me "I'm glad your happy we can't wait "let's go back to the hotel" Louis yells we ran to the cars and drove I sat next to Niall and Luke "so babe are you happy or what" Niall asks "I've never been happier" I said "that's good" Luke says "I'm so happy to see you" Luke says to me and kissed my head "me to it's been 3 months that's way to long" I say "you'll see me everyday for the next 7 months" he laughed "oh no that's not good" I say sarcastically.

Nialls P.O.V

I loved seeing emily so happy especially after seeing her so depressed last night I knew luke would cheer her up they've been best friends since before I met emily we pulled up at the hotel there was screaming fans and paparazzi everywhere we signed a few autographs but we ran in as fast as we could and opened the door and sat at the couch all together "wow that was weird" Calum said "yeah it's like that constantly"zayn says

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