I cant live without you



Emily's P.O.V

I plop my head into my pillow I cry violently tears stream down my face I couldn't do it, I can't do this without Niall I need him to hold me like he does. I sit up and reach for the knife out of my draw I cut my wrist I scream in pain as the blood pours out I keep crying while I pack a suitcase I had to go to Niall. I shoved everything in the suitcase I got my passport phone earphones and keys I ran to my car

Nialls P.O.V

I sat down at the table and took a bite into my burger I was starving after today's show my phone buzzes it was a text from emily my heart stopped

Hi babe I can't do this anymore I coming to you meet me at the airport at 9Pm I love you- emily

Hi princess ok I will see you there I miss you- Niall

I decided id clean the hotel room a bit because it was trashed. LIAM ZAYN LOUIS HARRY! I call they all came to me "emily is coming, when she gets here give us some alone time please she seems miserable" I say slightly frowning "oooohhhh I get it you want to give her the D" Louis says "no Louis it's not like that she needs me here for her" I say they walk out I finish cleaning and get into my car and drive to the airport I can't wait to see her"

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