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Hey I'm Jenny Silver. I'm 17 years old. And I'm in one of those popular girls group. But I'm not those kind of girls who gossip about everything that's happening and dates every boy they know. It's a weird thing to say this but... I don't want to be popular any more. I just want to normal and at least a little notice though. It gets really annoying after a while when your popular. Trust me. Guys tried flirting with me but I rejected them because I don't want to date a jock, that's for sure! I really don't want to tell my 'friends' because they might kick me off and probably ignore me and tell the whole school about it. I really don't want that to happen. If that does happen, I would get bullied and teased, I would become the school nerd and other bad things that happen! And also, I heard that there is a new student from Ireland named, Niall. I want to see who he is! :)


7. Chapter 7.

Niall's P.O.V

As soon as my dad arrived home from work like always, we ate in peace. Until my mother notice that instead of me eating my food, I started picking at it and she knows something is wrong. "Niall? Honey, what's wrong? You've been picking on your food and haven't been eating your dinner" She spoke up. My father looked at me with his full attention. "It's nothing Mum. Don't worry about me" I let out a sigh. "How could I not worry about you? You've got a cast on and your being quiet about it" Mother said. "I said I'm fine!" I shouted and got up from the dinner table. Using my crutches, I walk to my room before either my Mum or Dad say anything.

I quickly shut the door and lie down on my old rusty bed. I just hate how one of my parents things up my problems during dinner time. It just makes me feel uncomfortable and looses my appetite sometimes.

"I'll go talk to him" My Dad's voice said from the dining room before  I heard footsteps coming up to my room. "Do you mind if we talk?" Father said along with a knock on the door. "Yeah, come in" I hesitated. I sat up as my Dad enters my quiet and small bedroom. He sits next to me and looked directly into my eyes with a hand on my shoulder. "Tell me the truth Niall, what really happened to your leg? I want 100% the truth." He said in a calm voice. "Promise you won't tell Mum?" I asked. Mum is too concerned about me too much. She always bugs into other business. No offence Mum.

"Promise" Dad said. I nodded and started," It was the second day of school for me, which is today. Since I was new, I really don't know what's going around the place so I was obviously clueless. As I was walking into the hallways, I spotted this girl and she was really nice to ms. But I notice that she is part of the popular groups. She seems so friendly and full of confidence as if she doesn't even care about what other people think about her." My Father nods as I talk.

"Moments later, I was getting bullied by, I'm guessing the school jock because of my appearances, with the glasses and braces. I didn't know what was going on. Everything was happening so fast. Then I felt pain in my leg, around the knee area. I instantly knew that he kicked me straight in the knee. Knowing that my bone was broken. And he bully also broke my glasses so I couldn't see anything. It was all a blur. I saw a figure that looks just like the girl I saw earlier, her name is Jenny, by the way. She swung her backpack and hit the bully in the face. Just to defend me. He went away and Jenny helped me get to the nurse." I said as my Dad watches me intentionally, listening to every word I was saying.

I then continued,"The nurse said that she couldn't do anything about it and told me to go to the hospital to put a cast. Since I don't want to worry Mum too much and distract you from work, Jenny was nice enough to drive me to the hospital and pay for the bill. After the doctor got the cast on my leg, she drove me home. I really don't know how to repay her for all the things she did for me." After I explained, my Dad was in shocked. "Wow son, she's a keeper!" Dad joked. I rolled my eyes at what he said before he continued. "If you want to repay her back, have a 'friendly' picnic with her" Dad winked adding air quotes around friendly. "Dad!" I lightly pushed him on the arm. "Okay I was kidding. But just do something nice for her. I bet she'll love it."Dad nudged me.

Maybe I should have a nice picnic with her. Just as a thank you. You know? But what if she doesn't agreed to it? Then I will give her something! But what should it be? Flowers, a box of chocolates, a card? Oh yeah sure, a card that says," Thanks Jenny for fighting for me and paying for my bills!" Nope, that's off the list. What about a necklace? Yeah. A necklace could be for lots of things! Friendship, love, or a present! Perfect. I'm starting to like the idea. And Jenny.

I mean, I don't like Jenny at all! She's just a friend! You know what, forget it, I admit it! I like Jenny!

Phew. At least that's off my chest! Feels good to say it. 

"Why don't we got back to eating dinner as if nothing happened" My Father said patting my back and getting up. Motioning me to follow him back to the

dining room. I got up slowly so I don't damage my leg and Dad handed me my crutches.

Once I sat down in my spot at the table, my Mother instantly spoke up. "Look, I'm sorry for bringing it up at dinner, Niall. I just thought that you wanna talk about it". "It's okay Mum. And I'm sorry that I snapped at you earlier. You know how I am, always like eating in peace" I apologize. "Its alright hon. Now let's continue dinner together as a family!" She smiled looking at me hen to Dad. "Ok. I'll talk to ou about my problem when I'm ready" I sighed. "Any time, Niall" Mum replied and we all continued eating our food in the quiet of our home. 



Jenny's P.O.V 


As I explained what happen to Niall that day to my parents at dinner, I'm guessing my Dad is starting to believe me.


"Aw. That poor boy!" Mother said. I nodded in agreement. "Okay I believe you Jenny. But your still grounded for a week" Father said sternly, while cutting up the piece of chicken with a sharp cutting knife. "Awwww. Come on please!" I whined. "No" He said. I let out a sigh knowing that it isn't easy convincing my parents these days. "I could do all the chores! I'll mow the lawn! I'll do anything!" I pleaded, adding the puppy eyes. "Still no" dad rolled his eyes. "Darn" I mumbled.

*After Dinner*

"Please?" I asked. "Nope" He replied.

*Before bed*

"Pretty please?!"I asked again. "For the last time Jennifer, the answer is no. Now get to bed before i add another week!" Dad demanded. I nodded and walked to my room and shut the door behind me. Sometimes, I don't trust my Dad when he takes my phone away. What if he hacks into my phone -which has a password on it- and read all my private info! Embarrassing!



A/N:Hope I make it up to you all for waiting so long for a new chapter! What do you think? If you've listen to the song Alive by 1D, this story is kinda what I'm writing about. So what ever happened in the song, will happen in the book later on! Hope I don't make it confusing for you. Like and fav for more chapters and comment what you think of the book so far! It's so awesome that you guys are giving me so much support for this. I just wanna hug you all to death! Love you guys and I will see you in the next chapter which is Chapter 8.! BYE! <3

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