Alive ~Niall Horan FanFiction~

Hey I'm Jenny Silver. I'm 17 years old. And I'm in one of those popular girls group. But I'm not those kind of girls who gossip about everything that's happening and dates every boy they know. It's a weird thing to say this but... I don't want to be popular any more. I just want to normal and at least a little notice though. It gets really annoying after a while when your popular. Trust me. Guys tried flirting with me but I rejected them because I don't want to date a jock, that's for sure! I really don't want to tell my 'friends' because they might kick me off and probably ignore me and tell the whole school about it. I really don't want that to happen. If that does happen, I would get bullied and teased, I would become the school nerd and other bad things that happen! And also, I heard that there is a new student from Ireland named, Niall. I want to see who he is! :)


6. Chapter 6.

Niall's P.O.V

  After getting dropped off at home by Jenny, she said goodbye and drove away. I used my crutches to support myself and walk to the front door. Once I unlocked it, my mum was sitting on the couch and her head turns to me. She instantly sprang up and raced over to me as soon as she spotted my cast. "Oh my goodness Niall! What happen to your leg? Aren't you supposed to be in school at this time?! Who drove you home?" Mum asked. "Mum! Calm down! Look, I accidentally fell of a flight of stairs! My friend Jenny, drove me to the hospital and got my leg into a cast" I said.  "Niall, do you even know how much it cost to fix your leg?!" Mum freaked. "No" I said quietly. "$5,000!". "Jenny paid for it...". "Who has that much money to pay for all of that?".
Jenny...". "You know what? Lets talk about it later, right now I got to cook dinner" Mum shook her head and walked away. I sighed and walked to my room. Why can't life be more easier? Why can't it just be like just some normal day where I don't get bullied?


Jenny's P.O.V

  "You what?!" My mother and father said at the same time. "I paid for the bills for a friend at school who broke his leg" I said quietly. "Why did you do that? Couldn't the nurse help him?" Dad said. "The nurse said that his knee is damage and he need to go to the hospital. So I drove him there. Like come on, the nurse wasn't any help at all!" I explained. "But why did you spent my $5,000?". "Because it am emergency! Would you help someone who broke their knee? Besides, you guys make thousands of dollars a day!". "She does have a good point honey" My mother said to my father. Dad took a deep long breath and responded, "Fine, I'll let you go, but you are grounded for 1 week. Next time, you should have asked for permission. So no electronics till further notice now hand me your phone" Dad commanded. I sighed and took out my phone from my pocket and placed it on his hand.  Why does my parents have to be this strict? Its just $5,000. To them, its like 5 cent. I walked to my room and laid flat on my bed. Why can't my life be more easier? Why can't I juts be a normal girl instead of a rich and popular one? I mean, yes, everyone one wants to be a millionaires, but to me, it to much. It's like taking over my life. Putting to much pressure on me. Being the popular and known one at school who gossips about everything they see, isn't the real me. The real me is a crazy, creative girl who would try and enjoys every part of her life. Now that's the real me...



A/N~Hey guys! Sorry that you had to wait so long for such a short chapter!!! I was super busy with home work and my computer died on me. So I couldn't get to update at all. But i found a laptop that still works lying around my house so I went on here and here I am!!! Hope you enjoy! And I will see you soon in the next chapter. BYE! And make sure to stay awesome!~Luv_Potatoes

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