Alive ~Niall Horan FanFiction~

Hey I'm Jenny Silver. I'm 17 years old. And I'm in one of those popular girls group. But I'm not those kind of girls who gossip about everything that's happening and dates every boy they know. It's a weird thing to say this but... I don't want to be popular any more. I just want to normal and at least a little notice though. It gets really annoying after a while when your popular. Trust me. Guys tried flirting with me but I rejected them because I don't want to date a jock, that's for sure! I really don't want to tell my 'friends' because they might kick me off and probably ignore me and tell the whole school about it. I really don't want that to happen. If that does happen, I would get bullied and teased, I would become the school nerd and other bad things that happen! And also, I heard that there is a new student from Ireland named, Niall. I want to see who he is! :)


5. Chapter 5.

Niall's P.O.V

  As I limp my way toward the room that the doctor was leading me to, Jenny was helping me along the way. Wow, she is really nice. I mean, even though I just met her, like what, 2 days ago, she's really friendly to me. But why? That's the question I really want to ask her. Just why? Why is she being friendly to me? Even though I'm the school nerd... everyone else just treat me differently. Like I'm a nobody.

  The doctor told me to seat down on the bed and start examining my knee. After that, he wrote down some stuff on his notebook/clipboard thing and left. "You know you could leave" I said looking down. "Why? I got to take care of you because of your knee! And that I'm your ride back home" She laughs. I chuckled to myself. "Its fine, you could leave. I could call my mom to come pick me up" I said and searched for my phone in my pocket. But I couldn't find it. "Crap crap crap crap" I said digging into every pocket. "What's wrong?" Jenny asked. "I think I left my phone in my back pack in school. But at least it's in my locker!" I shrugged. "Oh ok... do you want me to go get it and come back?" She said getting up. "Yeah..." I said sitting up. "Ok, I'll be right back" She smiled and left. A few seconds later she came back. "Um hey Niall... not to intrude your privacy things or anything but what is your locker combination?" she asked. Well, I know that I could trust her so... "Its 9131993 (A/N: Could you guess what those numbers stand for?)" I answered. She nods and left again.

Jenny's P.O.V

  I quickly drove to school and entered the halls. There were a few students around but not a lot. I walked over to where Niall's locker is and looked around to see if Isabelle or the others are around. Thankfully they're not! Now, what are the numbers again? 9131993! Got it! I entered the numbers in and open the locker door. I grabbed his backpack and shut his locker. Good thing it automatically locks itself. I put the back pack around my back and started walking to the doors. But before I could reach the door, Isabelle was calling my name. "Jen! Jen! Are you even listening to me?!" Isabelle yelled across the hall with trying to run to me in her 3 inch high heel. I turned around and found her in front of me. "Jenny! Where were you?! You weren't in class today! And I need you to fix my hair and make-up for me!" She panic. "Sorry I had to go to a doctor appointment today during school!" I lied and rushed out the door. Isabelle followed and said, "Where are you going and who's backpack is that?". I forced to turn my body around and responded, "Um... this is my friend's backpack...and she asked me to return this to her" I said and ran to my car. Gosh...does that girl need to know everything about me!?

  Once I got back to the hospital. I sprint to Niall's room and before I enter, I heard another voice in there. It sounded more like a doctor's. I decided to stay outside and listen. "So who is going to take you home?" The doctor asked. "This girl name Jenny" Niall answered. "Is she your sister?". "No". "Your cousin?". "No". "Your girlfriend?". "No... she's just a friend I meet at school" Niall said. "Ok.. just wondering" The doctor and. Ok time to go in hoping it won't be awkward. I knocked on the door and waited for a respond. "Come in" Niall said. I opened the door and saw the doctor putting the cast on Niall's leg. "Here" I said a toss him his backpack. He caught  it and said, "Thank you". "Well Niall... your knee will be fine and you could take off the cast in 3 weeks. You can also leave the hospital now or when ever you like!" the doctor said cheerfully. "Ok thanks" Niall replied and hopped off the bed. I came to his side and helped him. I passed him his crutches and he took control. I helped him get to the car and I drove him home. He said he got to come up with an excuse for explaining what happened to his knee. Hoping she buys it!


A/N~ Hey hope you guys enjoy this chapter! Please no hate! Last week, some body put hate into this story! :( I had to report it because I dislike hate and I don't want anyone to receive hate on Movellas so its the right thing to do. I'm not calling names or pointing fingers though so please don't hate on anyone or anything!

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